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Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a currently active HIT solutions company that services healthcare practitioners and healthcare organizations. [1] [2]


Allscripts originated as a medication management company in 1986. The company developed an interest in information technology in 1997 and released an electronic prescription service for providers in 1998. Allscripts then procured numerous ambulatory EMRs in the following years. The new Allscripts was formed in August 2010 by the merger of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. with Eclipsys Corporation [3], creating the largest connected community of clients in healthcare [3]

John McConnell founded Medico Computer Systems in 1982 which offered practice management services to providers. Misys Group then procured this company and it was renamed to Misys Physician Systems in 2002. It was also during this time that Misys Physician Systems acquired Home Care Information Systems and entered the home health market. The company later acquired Payerpath in 2005 and changed its name again to Misys Healthcare Systems to strengthen their services. Misys merged with Allscripts in 2008 before merging with Eclipsys.

Harvey Wilson founded Eclipsys in 1995 and procured MediNotes, a practice management company, in 2008.

According to NewsRX, Saline Memorial Hospital has selected Allscripts Sunrise as its core clinical system through 2024. The hospital selected Allscripts after a thorough evaluation of multiple electronic health record (EHR) vendors, choosing the Allscripts Sunrise platform based on extensive feedback from key stakeholders and after reviewing the flexibility and robust clinical functionality of the Allscripts solution. [4]


Hospital and Health Systems

  • Allscripts care management [5]
  • Allscripts EPSi [5]
  • Sunrise financial manager [5]
  • Allscripts sunrise [5]

Physician Practices

  • Allscripts practice management [5]
  • Allscripts wand [5]
  • Allscripts payerpath [5]
  • Allscripts touchworks EHR [5]
  • Allscripts followmyhealth [5]
  • Allscripts professional EHR [5]
  • Allscripts eprescribe deluxe [5]
  • Allscripts practice performance [5]

Extended care organizations

  • Allscripts Referral Management [5]
  • Allscripts Patient Flow [5]
  • Allscripts Homecare [5]


  • Managed IT services [5]
  • Implementation and Upgrades services [5]
  • Allscripts consulting professionals [5]
  • Allscripts hosting solutions [5]
  • Allscripts education service [5]


All scripts Professional EHR is also a program software with great usability. Various options for training are offered through this program that allows the staff to learn from the experts.

  • Experiential Learning: this is a scenario based program.
  • Training Consulting: consultants are available to provide guidance.
  • Formal instructor-led classes: they take place in training facilities to provide individual attention to students.
  • Web-based instructor led classes: online classes that focus on one topic or more.
  • eLearning: online classes that provide around the clock accessibility usually more convenient for offices with different schedules.
  • Custom Solutions: a customized combination of these services.


Electronic Health Records

  • Allscripts Professional EHR: Developed for small to mid-size physician practices. This EHR product is bundled with practice managemnent and claims processing solutions. [7]
  • Allscripts Enterprise EHR: Developed for large physician practices.
  • Sunrise Acute Care EHR (formerly Sunrise Clinical Manager): Developed for hospitals and health systems.

Mobility Solutions

  • Allscripts Wand: Developed for physician practices.
  • Sunrise Mobile MD II: Developed for hospitals and health systems. [8]
  • Allscripts Mobile Homecare: Developed for post-acute organizations.

Allscript Homecare

Allscripts Homecare is a healthcare system for both small and large home care organizations for the needs from patient intake, billing and account receivables. It also combines clinical needs, scheduling and several other business needs for home health or hospice.


  • Enhances patient care and management
  • Easy to use
  • Meets the standards of the organization

Electronic Prescribing

is a secure and safe way of sending prescriptions electronically. It can be used via the internet, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

  • It saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Patient safe
  • Cloud based

Revenue Cycle Management

  • No upfront capital investment
  • No licensing fees
  • No server maintenance or software upgrades

Practice Management

  • Allcripts PM

Patient Flow

Patient Flow is a comprehensive solution system for bed management and patient tracking. [9]

With patient flow, there are as several advantages: [9]

  • Decreases ED Bypass time
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduces bed time turnover
  • Reduces wait time


Electronic Health Records/Computerized Physician Order Entry

  • Sunrise Ambulatory Care
  • Sunrise Surgery
  • Sunrise Radiology and Sunrise PACS
  • Sunrise Critical Care
  • Sunrise Laboratory
  • Sunrise Tracking Board
  • Sunrise Emergency Care
  • Sunrise Pharmacy
  • Sunrise Record Manager

Content Solutions:

  • Sunrise infoButton
  • Evidence-Based Order Sets
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

Medication Management

Performance Management

  • Sunrise EPSi
  • Sunrise Patient Flow
  • Sunrise Clinical Analytics
  • Revenue Cycle and Access Management
  • Allscripts Care Management
  • Allscripts ED

Add On Solutions

  • Patient Kiosk
  • Patient Portal
  • Clinician Portalal

Allscripts also offers solutions for Post Acute Care (Referral Management, Homecare), Publically Funded Purchasers (Community Health Centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers), and Entire Communities (Community Solution, Connectivity Solution). [3]

Allscripts boasts of having the “largest connected community of clients in healthcare, …” delivering “an integrated platform of solutions to facilitate enhanced collaboration and exchange of clinical patient information.” They’re “committed to delivering One Network, One Platform, One Patient.” [3]

Allscripts website states that they are connected to:

  • 180,000 physician users
  • 1,500 hospitals
  • 10,000 post acute care organizations

Corporate Profile

Allscripts is one of the largest companies focused exclusively on healthcare information technology.

  • Date Incorporated: 1986 [1]
  • Date Public: 1999 [1]
  • Corporate Headquarters located in Chicago, IL [1]
  • 20 locations (U.S., Asia, Australia, Canada, India and UK) [1]
  • Team members more than 6,000 [1]

Allscripts serves:

  • Hospitals: 2,500 [1] [2]
  • Post-acute facilities: 13,000 [1] [2]
  • Physician offices: 45,000 [1] [2]
  • Physicians: 180,000 [1] [2]
  • Electronic prescribing physicians: 100,000 [1] [2]
  • Home clinicians: 40,000 [1] [2]

Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer joined “…Allscripts in August 1997, Glen has overseen the company's transition into the healthcare information sector, taken the company public and completed a $1.3 billion merger with Eclipsys Corporation, expanding Allscripts role into the hospital market and doubling the company's size.” [10] The Wall Street Journal’s website MarketWatch ( lists Mr. Tullman’s 2011 compensation at $428M [11]

Glen Tullman resigned as Chief Executive Office on December 19, 2012. Currently, Paul Black is the CEO of Allscripts.

Allscripts is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange as MDRX. On September 2, 2011, Allscripts stock price was $17.12.[1]


Black Book Rankings 2014 report named Allscripts' dbMotion population health management software as the best in the ambulatory EHR model HIE. [12]

User Satisfaction

Sample user satisfaction ratings are noted below (all values approximated)

Question Strongly Agree (%) Strondly Disagree (%)
I am highly satisfied with this EHR system 10 10
This EHR enables me to practice higher quality medicine than I could with paper charts 30 <10

Allscripts' annual evaluation was conducted by the Brown-Wilson Group. The group's evaluation has lead Allscripts EHR system be recognized as #1 per Black Book Rankings in 2014. [13]

KLASresearch named Sunrise the 2015 Best in KLAS Global EMR, Category Leader in Canada. [14]

Market Share

According to the KLAS August 2015 Performance Report:

  • Allscripts had a net Acute Care loss of 8 Installs in 2014, with only 4 new hospital installs in Hospitals > 200 beds
  • Allscripts holds 3% of the U.S. Acute Care market


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