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e-MDs is an electronic medical record system for small practices. It can handle check-in, treatment, check-out, billing functions and more.


E-MDs is a comprehensive electronic health record and practice management product. The software has a reputation for being physician driven. The software has received many certifications, recognitions, and many practices have received Meaningful Use payments while using this product.


e-MDs was developed in 1996 by a group of Family Practice Physicians in Austin, TX. Dr. David Winn, MD., and his colleagues who had been using an older EMR system, developed the e-MDs for an ambulatory office, and this system was one of the first six ambulatory EMR systems to receive the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology's 2007 criteria for functionality, interoperability and security.

In 2005,2007, and 2009 the e-MDs chart product ranked at or near the top of the American Academy of Family Practice annual EHR user’s survey, solidifying the company’s future growth in the primary care market. (8)

End of 2008, there was a forum post that claimed to cite different statements from the company's founder, Dr. Winn, that they are planning to release a new light weight EHR [1]. EHR implementations tend to become ever more complex and complicated the more functions they can fulfill. In addition, to achieve CCHIT certification, a certain set of functionality must be implemented in the software. This means that for small practices the software often can do much more than is actually necessary. High investments on hardware may be necessary to be able to run EHR software smoothly. All these considerations led the company to develop a light-weight and fast EHR, that just handles the minimum function set for small practices. The applications were developed using Delphi, SQL, C# .NET .ASP [3]

In 2010, the company posted an article on their website refuting allegations that their CEO, Michael Q Stearns, was guilty of unspecified misconduct. Subsequently, on July 2nd, 2012, the e-MDs Board of Directors unanimously reappointed David Winn, MD, FAAFP as CEO of the company . Dr. Winn issued a formal retration and statement regarding the matter on the company website (4).


In September, 2011 e-MDs was the very first and remains one of the few vendors to have ONC-ATCB certification that includes all 44 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). (7)

e-MDs received two "Best in Klas" awards in 2010, for more information visit: http://www.e-mds.com/News/release_archives/20110113.html.

Under the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, e-MDs client the Gastorf Family Clinic of Durant, OK, received the first physician-paid incentive checks in the country.(http://www.e-mds.com/News/release_archives/20110107.html)

e-MDs continues to offer special payment schedules to providers eligible for Meaningful Use payments under the Medicaid eligibility criteria. Many of these providers are safety net clinics who may not be able to afford the up - front costs associated with software installation and implementation (5).

Below is the lists of products offered by E-MDs as of January 2010 according to their website:

David Winn, MD, CEO of Austin, Texas-based e-MDs agrees that a vast majority of physician clinics will rely on RCMs to handle billing under the new format. [1]

e-MDs Solution Series

Affordable and Integrated Electronic Heath / Medical Record (EHR / EMR) and Practice Management Software. e-MDs Solution Series 6.3 CCHIT certification expires Feb. 3, 2011 and this product has not been tested against the applicable proposed Federal standards in existence on the date of certification for certified EHR technology of its type under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). 2 [1] [EarnValle 9_7_10 8:12pm CST] It comprises the following tools:

e-MDs Chart

Electronic Heath / Medical Record (EHR / EMR) for Improving Patient Care

e-MDs Patient Portal

Integrated, internet-based solution that securely connects clinics and patients

e-MDs Meaningful Use

Clinics have used E-MDs and have been successful in attesting and achieving Meaningful Use status and the institutions have received their financial incentive. Maintaining MU status at times can be difficult however, e-MD clients have also proven successful in this area. Some of the tools that e-MDs offers for success would include but not limited too:[2]

  • MU toolset
  • An Attainment guide including screenshots
  • Monthly MU training webinars

e-MDs Schedule

Fast, Flexible, Easy to Use Scheduler for Increasing Productivity

e-MDs Bill

Powerful Practice Management System for Practices of Any Size

Knowledge and experience is typically required when billing in a physicians office however e-MDs offers some simplicity when using their EHR system. There are many rules and regulations that one must be aware of to remain compliant with lawful billing. The billing function with e-MDs has many different features however we will focus on a couple. One of those key features offers rapid charge entry and payment posting and as we all know any time saving in a busy office is always welcomed. Another is built in coding tools and rules engine, having built in tools always makes it easier on the billing team.[3]

e-MDs Tracking Board

Clinician Desktop for Improving Enterprise Workflow

e-MDs Rounds:

Pocket PC Scheduling and Charge Capture

e-MDs DocMan

Electronic Document Management System for Eliminating Paper Charts

e-MDs OB Module

Prenatal care and Delivery Charting

e-MDs Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions is a true browser-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) consisting of a web-based suite of applications. It is scalable to the needs of clinical practice and promoted as being designed by and for physicians and a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) system. It uses e-MDs Medicapaedia™, an advanced, fully integrated interface terminology engine that capture granular data at the point of care. It also captures SNOMED clinical concepts that map to ICD-9 and ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes.

e-MDs Search ICD-9

Extensive database of ICD-9 billing codes eliminates frustrating searches through coding reference books

e-MDs Medicapaedia

Revolutionary interface terminology utilized in e-MDs next generation product suite to enhance data sharing across all provider and care settings.

e-MDs for Specialties

An extensive array of additional features and functions that adapt well to different types of practices

Return on Investment (ROI)

Ways of ROI:[2]

  1. Decrease documentation time per patient and see more patients
  2. Improve E&M coding
  3. Eliminate paper charts and their associated costs
  4. Eliminate transcription costs and reduce or eliminate dictation costs
  5. Stop chasing paper and save time
  6. Automate charge capture

Awards and Recognition (6)

2014 Austin Business Journal ranked e-MDs #1 for Biomedical R&D firms in Austin Texas.

2014 Blackbook Rankings: Best of the Best Award for Functionality for Clinical Workflow and Encounter Management, #1 Neurology, #1 Physical Medicine/Rehab ( 2011,2012,2013, 2014)

2013 Ranked #1 (e-MDs Chart) by KLAS® for Single Provider Practices

2013 Ranked #3(e-MDs Chart) by KLAS® for 1-10 Provider Practices

2013 Ranked #7 (e-MDs Bill) by KLAS® for 1-10 Provider Practices

2013 Surescripts® White Coat of Quality Award

2013 Blackbook Rankings #1 Top EHR Vendor Ambulatory (solo single physician practice), Overall Best EHR Functionality Patient Health Data Management & Administrative Processing, #1 Dematology, #1 Physical Medicine/Rehab, #1 Pediatrics, #1 FQHC/CHC/RHC

2012 Surescripts® White Coat of Quality Award

AmericanEHR™ Partner Rankings for Practices of 1-3 Clinicians: Ranked in top 4 for all 12 categories including top 2 in 8 categories as of 08/11/2011

AmericanEHR™ Partner Rankings for Practices of 4-10 Clinicians: Ranked in top 5 for all 12 categories including top 2 in 9 categories as of 08/11/2011

2011 HIMSS Davies Ambulatory Award Winner

2011 e-MDs Among the Highest Rated EHRs in Family Practice Management’s EHR User Satisfaction Survey

2011 Surescripts® White Coat of Quality Award

2010 Best in KLAS® Ambulatory EMR (2-5 physician)

2010 Best in KLAS® Practice Management (2-5 physician)

2010 Surescripts® White Coat of Quality Award

2010 HIMSS Davies Ambulatory Award Winners both e-MDs clients

2009 Top Ranked “EHR System Overall” in Family Practice Management’s EHR User Satisfaction Survey

2009 Top Rated 3 out of 4 stars in ACP EHR Partners Program Survey

2008 Top Ranked in “Overall Satisfaction With Functionality” in Family Practice Management’s User Satisfaction Survey

2008 Top Rated 3.5 out of 4 stars in ACP EHR Partners Program Survey

2005 Top Ranked in Overall Satisfaction With “Functionality”, “Ease of Use”, and “Recommendation to Any Physician” in Family Practice Management’s EHR User Satisfaction Survey [4]


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