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Endowed Professorships in Health / Medical / Nursing / Biomedical Informatics

Humana Distinguished Professorship in Health Informatics - University of North Carolina

The Humana Distinguished Professorship was created at the University of North Carolina by a grant from The Humana Foundation in 2001. This professorship] was established to attract or retain a distinguished faculty member who does research and teaching with a health informatics focus. A pledge of $333,000 combined with matching state funds of $167,000 created a total endowment of $500,000. It is currently unfilled and applications are being accepted.

Distinguished Chair in Biomedical Informatics -- Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Regenstrief Chair in Health Services Research -- Indiana University School of Medicine

McKesson Foundation Professor of Biomedical Informatics -- Vanderbilt University

UNESCO Chair of Telemedicine and Chair of Telemedicine of Telefonica -- University of La Laguna

The chair is now being held by Prof.Dr.O.Ferrer-Roca [1], Full Professor of Pathology and President of the CATAI association.