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Greenway Medical Technologies was cofounded in 1977 by Wyche T Green (“Tee”). [1] It is head quartered in Carrollton,GA[2]. Greenway has principal operations in Carrollton,GA, Tampa,Fl and Birmingham,Al.[3] It provides integrated IT solutions and managed business services to ambulatory health care professionals in the U.S. [2] Over the years, Medical Manager, Greenway Medical Technologies, SuccessEHS and others combined to create Greenway Health.[4] In late 2013, Greenway merged with Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC, and became a private holding of Vista Equity Partners. [5] The combined businesses will serve nearly 13,000 medical organizations and 100,000 providers.[6] After the deal closes, the Greenway businesses are expected to continue as Greenway Medical Technologies with the products and services of both Greenway and Vitera under the Greenway brand.[6]

PrimeSUITE is Greenway Medical technologies’ fully integrated EHR, PM and interoperability solution which is built on one database. This application was developed by utilizing the Microsoft.NET software framework.[7] PrimeSUITE includes, but is not limited to, the following features: Clinical Charting, e-Prescribing, Customized Clinical Templates, Orders Tracking, Clinical Alerts, Practice Management- Scheduling, Patient registration, Reporting etc.[8] PrimeSUITE is the foundation of Greenway’s Integrated Physician’s Infrastructure. The Physician’s Infrastructure allows PrimeSUITE customers to easily incorporate electronic modules, which result in a tailored, robust solution.[9]

Products and Services

  • PrimeSUITE
  • PrimeRCM
  • Intergy
  • SuccessEHS
  • MediaDent
  • PrimeEXCHANGE[10]
  • PeopleLYNK
  • PrimePATIENT[11]
  • PrimeENTERPRISE[12]
  • Greenway Marketplace [13]


  • Includes more than 4,000 free, shareable and customizable templates in the clinical template library
  • Ability to set guidelines to trigger clinical alerts
  • Find diagnosis, history, claims and more with enhanced search tools
  • Ability to submit prescriptions electronically with ePrescribe
  • Integrated PDR reference service
  • Interoperability engine that facilitates data exchange between physician practice and the health holder and stakeholder community[10]
  • A web-based application used by management service organization, billing services, and ambulatory surgery centers[11]
  • A patient web portal which enhances patient-provider relationship through self-service, clinical, financial, and administrative online options[12]
  • Integrated speech understanding and mobile solutions [14]

Relationship with Walgreens

In August of 2012, Walgreens Pharmacy announced a partnership with Greenway to deploy its EHR in all 8000 stores. This move “is part of Walgreens HealthCloud initiative that supports the transformation of its traditional drugstores to health and daily living destinations.” [15]


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