Historical Challenges of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Tools

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Historical Challenges of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Tools (1)

  • Funding for development: since much of the funding ran out in developing older innovative programs,many of the newer tools has been abandoned before being fully used in practice settings.
  • Knowledge Maintenance:since medical knowledge is dynamic in nature it is very important to update the systems.Users do not update the systems even when the system reminds them to update because of the cost.
  • Optimal Timing: Information doesn't get delivered to users in right time.
  • Motivation for use:Many physicians think they don't need help computer systems to help them in diagnosis.
  • Alert Fatigue:Too many alerts and reminders in the wrong time irritates the users which leads in ignoring the alerts.

Reference: 1 ONC presentation: lecture C: History of CDSS - Evolution of CDS (PowerPoint)