Indian Health Service (IHS)

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Indian Health Service (IHS)

Integrated Behavioral Health System (BH) - The BH graphical user interface software application that includes the ability to track services provided by social work, alcohol/substance abuse counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Application includes suicide tracking system (with bi-directional notification within HIPAA guidelines) as well as embedded guidelines. The requirements determination has been completed and the software development process will begin in FY04.

Patient Account Management System (PAMS) - The PAMS is an enhanced third-party billing system.

Clinical Indicator Reporting System (CIRS) - The CIRS is a robust reporting system that tracks over 40 indicators in a standard reporting format. The standards reporting format is a delimited file that exports locally into Excel and can be exported for regional aggregation.

Integrated Case Management System - An integrated case management application is being developed to facilitate three views of data: patient, provider, and population health. These systems will allow for integration of varied disease case management applications that currently exist (diabetes, asthma, immunizations, etc.).

National Data Warehouse Initiative - This Initiative is developing a data warehouse for use by epidemiologists, as well as clinical quality in order to enable analyses on quality improvement and interface with the clinical indicator reporting system.

Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) - RPMS is the hospital information system utilized by 49 hospitals, 221 health centers, 120 health stations, and 170 Alaska village clinics.

IHS - EHR Initiative - IHS-EHR provides order entry, results reporting, encounter documentation, and other clinical functionality to IHS, tribal, and urban Indian health care providers. IHS-EHR is a component of the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS), IHS's enterprise health information system.

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