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The company, founded in 1978 by Peter Goltra, develops tools to record, aggregate and present coded clinical concepts at the point of care. It has tried to help physicians have better access to 'relevant' patient information and improve the ways physicians can share that information with others. Goltra's efforts resulted in the development of MEDCIN engine which is at the heart of every other Medicomp EMR product.

The MEDCIN Engine

MEDCIN® was created and is maintained by Medicomp Systems, Inc. as an electronic medical record engine designed to allow for rapid entry, retrieval and correlation of important clinical information at the point of care, and to enable applications to store medical information as coded data elements and produce narrative reports from the same data. [[1]]

This engine is a knowledge engine which provides integrated physician and nursing documentation, clinical decision support, and patient management, mapped to reference terminology standards. MEDCIN combines a database of medical concepts with methods for presenting and documenting relevant symptoms, history, physical findings, tests, diagnoses and therapy for different patient presentations. It also includes support for reference and billing terminologies including CPT, DSM, ICD, LOINC, RxNorm, SNOMED and others, as well as for evaluation and management (E&M) coding.

This knowledge base is formed by observing and listening to clinicians as they practice in the real world at Cornell, Harvard and Johns Hopkins, along with other medical centers, including the Department of Defense Military Health System.

The first prototype, which ran on an IBM Series 1 computer, took 45 minutes to complete some simple routines. The same process takes only milliseconds nowadays.

One example of an EMR system which uses this engine is Quippe by MEDIComp.

Commercial Significance of MEDCIN

MEDCIN is in use by 7,000 to 9,000 U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) physicians. In the private sector, Epic Systems, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions and WebMD Corp. have products which use MEDCIN


Quippe - documentation tool [}

    Works with your existing EHR.
    Takes care of documentation at the point of care.
    ICD 10-CM ready and satisfies MU.
    Clinically contextual views and decision support at the point of care.
    Enables sharing of information and care coordination.
    Tracking and execution of directives and care.
    Flexible deployment, cloud or locally-hosted.

MedcinEngine knowledge base engine



Its products include MEDCIN engine, which provides integrated physician and nursing documentation, clinical decision support, and patient management services; and CliniTalk, which enables presentation, documentation, and management of patient care in real-time, as well as adapts to the clinical presentation of each patient and provides enterprises with the codes they need for compliance, interoperability, and reimbursement [3]

Current Development

Medicomp gains $3 million Federal Contract (Oct, 7 ,2014) [4]


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