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In June 1971, The National Center for Health Services Research selected El Camino Hospital, located in Mountain View, CA, to demonstrate and evaluate the Technicon Medical Information Management System. TDS was a hospital information system designed for use by nurses, physicians, and other health care workers with a goal of expediting the health care process. It was developed and tested on a single nursing station during the five years prior to 1971. At the time, El Camino was a 464-bed, general community hospital serving patients under the care of their private physicians.

TDS was implemented in phases. By October 1974, 78% of the physicians used the system for either entering orders or reviewing results, and 45% of all orders were entered directly by physicians. Following their implementation of CPOE, errors of omission in medication orders concerning site and route of administration (7.9% initially) and dosage scheduling (1.3% initially) dropped to less than 0.5% (p < 0.01). Inclusion of clinical indications for radiologic examinations and electrocardiographic monitoring increased significantly from less than 4% to over 35% of orders examined.


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