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My name is Jason Scott Stewart, but please call me Scott. I am currently working towards a graduate degree in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Texas Health Science Center. My BS degree was earned at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Respiratory Therapy. I have been working as a respiratory therapist for 25 years and have specialty certifications in neonatal-pediatric respiratory care, pulmonary function testing, and asthma education. While being very devoted to the field of respiratory care, I have always wanted to broaden my knowledge to better understand the various perspectives of healthcare on a global scale. The field of biomedical informatics is a perfect venue to allow me to accomplish this goal. In my spare time, I enjoy working in my yard, spending time with family, and traveling. Traveling and experiencing the Christmas season in different cities is a particular favorite of mine. I have three loving dogs and enjoy having residences in both La Marque and Galveston, TX