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My name is Lucas Newman and I am originally from Atlanta, GA. I started at OHSU as a summer intern in 2014 and I liked the school and city of Portland enough to move to the Pacific Northwest. During my internship, I had the opportunity to work under Dr. Joan Ash as she mentored me in qualitative research methods and clinical informatics. Dr. Ash brought me into one of the projects she was overseeing, a collective of video interviews of patients living with chronic disease. I am currently building the website that will host these videos and the site will allow users to pick a module (TBI for example) and then dig into the subthemes to find out how others live and cope with a particular disease or diagnosis. I also work in the pharmacy piloting a med to bed program for 13K and 14K on Kohler Pavilion. I am in charge of coordinating discharge medications for patients and obtaining missing information for medication reconciliation.