Computerized Physician Order Entry - effectiveness and efficiency of electronic medication ordering with decision support systems

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Heidi Stürzlinger, Cora Hiebinger, Daniela Pertl, and Peter Traurig


Computer Physician Order Entry(CPOE) has existed since the 1970s. Clinical Decision Support is usually integrated into the CPOE system to help avoid medication related errors.[1]


CPOE (Computer Physician Order Entry) are computer programs that allow electronic orders to be placed in the computer. By doing this one can reduce the risk of medication orders related to incorrect doses, wrong patient selection,wrong procedure, possible allergy to medication and adverse drug reactions.The use of clinical decision support(CDS) systems with CPOE can also help with electronic prescriptions to assure maximum effectiveness and safety of pharmaceuticals.[1]


The method used was to apply a systematic literature review. The systematic literature review was conducted in 2007 and included publications since 2002. International data bases which yielded 791 abstracts. They also included twelve publications in the assessment[1]


All the reviews and studies show that implementation of a CPOE/CDS system can reduce medication errors. It was difficult to compare the results of results of economic studies because they evaluate different settings, interventions and time frames also the documentation is not always transparent. Social aspects can also affect the implementation of a CPOE system.[1]


CPOE with a Clinical Decision Support system is able to reduce the incidence of medication errors when ordering meds. One must also include the adherence to guidelines, communication, patient care and personnel satisfaction can also be affected positively.[1]


Having an integrated CPOE/CDS system is able to reduce medication errors when ordering medications. The system implementation must be well planned and conducted.The CPOE system must also adapt to the needs of the organization and continuously reviewed.The CPOE data must also be updated on a regular basis.[1]


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