Emergency department transfer orders canceled by system upon transfer to floor

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Beds would not be ready on the floor for patients in the ER. Residents and Interns would come down to the ER to get started on their admissions. They would write up a lengthly list of orders.

Because the patient was still in the ER, the orders went to the ER nurses who would correctly see that these were admission orders and they really didn't have to start all these meds or order these meals etc.

When the bed was finally ready, the floor accepted the transfer. The system would see that the patient was no longer in the ER and that the orders had not been picked up yet so it would cancel all the orders. The patient would arrive on the floor with the no orders while the residents were confident the orders had been done and they could move on to the next patient. This was particularly problematic for ICU and CCU patients.

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