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Data-driven order set generation and evaluation in the pediatric environment.Data AnalyticsData Breach
Data Center Design for Healthcare OrganizationsData Center Planning and Design Overview for Healthcare OrganizationsData Center Recommendations
Data DictionaryData Governance
Data LakeData Model to Enhance the Security and Privacy of Healthcare Data
Data RetentionData Use AgreementData Warehousing
Data and DatabasesData centric approach to CMEData collection in private practice and implementation with electronic medical records
Data confidentialityData integrity
Data interchange standards in healthcare IT--computable semantic interoperability: now possible but still difficult, do we really need a better mousetrap?Data migration
Data quality and clinical decision-making: do we trust machines blindlyData re-identificationData security
Data warehouseDatabase size and power to detect safety signals in pharmacovigilance
De-Identified Data
Dealing with Patient TransfersDeaths Due To Medical Error
Decision Support ServiceDecision Support in Psychiatry - a comparison between the diagnostic outcomes using a computerized decision support system versus manual diagnosisDecision support for health care: the PROforma evidence base
Decision support in psychiatryDecision support not an exact science
Decision time for clinical decision support systemsDecreasing errors in pediatric continuous intravenous infusionsDecrypting
Default settings of computerized physician order entry system order sets drive ordering habits
Definition natural language processing
Delphi method
Dental informaticsDepartment of EducationDepartment of Veterans Affairs Initiatives
Describing and Modeling Workflow and Information Flow in Chronic Disease CareDesign, Implementation and Evaluation of an Architecture based on the CDA R2 Document Repository to Provide Support to the Contingency Plan
Design and development of a monitoring system
Design and implementation of GRIP: a computerized glucose control system at a surgical intensive care unitDesign and implementation of a comprehensive outpatient results manager
Design and implementation of a privacy preserving electronic health record linkage tool in ChicagoDesign and usability study of an iconic user interface to ease information retrieval of medical guidelinesDesign of Decision Support Interventions for Medication Prescribing
Design of a graphical and interactive interface for facilitating access to drug contraindications, cautions for use, interactions and adverse effectsDesignated record setDesigning Real-time Decision Support for Trauma Resuscitations
Designing a patient-centered personal health record to promote preventive careDesigning an automated clinical decision support system to match clinical practice guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic pain
Desktop virtualizationDetection and characterization of usability problems in structured data entry interfaces in dentistryDetection and management of pornography-seeking in an online clinical dermatology atlas
Detection and prevention of medication errors using real-time bedside nurse chartingDetection of Adverse Mediation-Related Events
Determining differences in user performance between expert and novice primary care doctors when using an electronic health record (EHR)Developing analytical inspection criteria for health IT personnel with minimum training in cognitive ergonomics A practical solution to EHR improving EHR usabilityDeveloping and evaluating an automated appendicitis risk stratification algorithm for pediatric patients in the emergency department
Development, Validation and Deployment of a Real Time 30 Day Hospital Readmission Risk Assessment Tool in the Maine Healthcare Information ExchangeDevelopment and Implementation of Computerized Clinical Guidelines: Barriers and SolutionsDevelopment and Implementation of an Electronic Health Record Generated Surgical Handoff and Rounding Tool
Development and evaluation of a comprehensive clinical decision support taxonomy: comparison of front-end tools in commercial and internally developed electronic health record systemsDevelopment and evaluation of nursing user interface screens using multiple methodsDevelopment and evaluation of web-based software to efficiently run enhanced recovery surgery
Development and field testing of a self-assessment guide for computer-based provider order entryDevelopment and field testing of a self-assessment guide for computer-based provider order entry.Development and use of active clinical decision support for preemptive pharmacogenomics
Development of a context model to prioritize drug safety alerts in CPOE systemsDevelopment of a measure of clinical information systems expectations and experiences
Development of an information model for storing organ donor data within an electronic medical recordDevelopment of mobile platform integrated with existing electronic medical records
Diabetes CDS ContentDiabetes alerts and reminders
Diabetes in the African American CommunityDiabetes lab flow sheetsDiabetes order sets
DiagnosticDiagnostic Imaging Workstation Display Characteristics
DigiDMSDigital Divide in Healthcare
Digital PathologyDigital Radiology Reporting SystemsDigital Signature
Digital TherapeuticsDigital imageDiogene
Direct to Consumer TelemedicineDisaster Recovery PlanDisaster recovery
DisclosureDiscount usability engineering
Discovering How to Think about a Hospital Patient Information System by Struggling to Evaluate It: A Committee’s JournalDiscrete Event SimulationDisparities in Patient Portal Use
Distinguished Chair in Biomedical Informatics -- Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women's HospitalDistributed Cognition and Knowledge-based Controlled Medical TerminologiesDistributed Hospital Computer Program (DHCP)
Do computerised clinical decision support systems for prescribing change practice? A systematic review of the literature (1990-2007)
Do physicians value decision support A look at the effect of decision support systems on physician opinionDoctor-patient relationship and the EHRDocuLive EPR Norwegian version
DocuTAPDoes CPOE support nurse-physician communication in the medication order process
Does Health Information Exchange Reduce Redundant ImagingDoes electronic health record use improve hospital financial performanceDoes the Leapfrog program help identify high-quality hospitals
Does user-centred design affect the efficiency, usability and safety of CPOE order setsDossiaDowntime procedures for a clinical information system: a critical issue
DrchronoDrug-Drug Interaction Rules
Drug-allergy interaction
Drug-drug interactionDrug-drug interaction checking assisted by clinical decision support: a return on investment analysis
Drug-food interaction
Drug-laboratory interactionDrug-tobacco interaction
Drug Database
Drug Terminology
Drug interaction alert override rates in the Meaningful Use eraDrug to drug interaction alerts with CPOEDrug–drug interactions that should be non-interruptive in order to reduce alert fatigue in electronic health records
Duplicate Laboratory Test Reduction Using a Clinical Decision Support Tool
Duplicate orders: an unintended consequence of computerized provider/physician order entry (CPOE) implementation: analysis and mitigation strategiesE-Discovery, EHR and Medical Liability
E-Health Record Inc.E-Health Record InternationalE-MDs
EBMEBMeDS Study Group. What may help or hinder the implementation of computerized decision support systems (CDSSs): a focus group study with physiciansECHN
EConsultEHR-enabled Research
EHR Adoption
EHR Document CorrectionsEHR Implementation/Strategies to Increase the Likelihood of Success
EHR Implementation in Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs)EHR Participatory Deployment Vs Black box Deployment methods
EHR TrainingEHR and Malpractice Liability
EHR and Patient Centered Care: Perfect Combination for High Quality CareEHR implementation: one organization's road to successEHR in nuclear stress testing
EHR safety
EHRs in Underserved SettingsEHealth Initiative
EMR (EHR) Available Solutions and How to Choose the Right OneEMR Adoption ModelEMR Benefits: Benefits Database
EMR Benefits: ComplianceEMR Benefits: E-PrescribingEMR Benefits: EDR
EMR Benefits: EnvironmentalEMR Benefits: FinancialEMR Benefits: HIE
EMR Benefits: Healthcare qualityEMR Benefits: InformationalEMR Benefits: Medical education
EMR Benefits: NursesEMR Benefits: PHREMR Benefits: Physicians
EMR Benefits: ResearchEMR Benefits: SecurityEMR Benefits: Telehealth
EMR Benefits: mHealthEMR Benefits and Return on Investment CategoriesEMR Cost Categories
EMR adoptionEMR adoption in small practices
EMR trainingEMR use to support Patient Centered CareEMR v. EHR
Earlier Clinical Decision Support (CDS) ToolsEarly Warning ScoresEarly cost and safety benefits of an inpatient electronic health record
Early like one 80 price drop 5 months after release ZING 56Earned Income
East ChinaEcMREclipsys
Economic reform in ChinaEffect of Bar-Code Technology on the Safety of Medication Administration
Effect of CPOE user interface design on user-initiated access to educational and patient information during clinical careEffect of Clinical Decision-Support Systems: A Systematic Review
Effect of Computerized Clinical Decision Support on the Use and Yield of CT Pulmonary Angiography in the Emergency DepartmentEffect of EHR user interface changes on internal prescription discrepancies
Effect of Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring and Pharmacist Management On Blood Pressure Control: The HyperLink Cluster Randomized TrialEffect of Standardized Electronic Discharge Instructions on Post-Discharge Hospital UtilizationEffect of computerized clinical decision support on the use and yield of CT pulmonary angiography in the emergency department
Effect of computerized physician order entry and a team intervention on prevention of serious medication errorsEffect of computerized prescriber order entry on pharmacy: experience of one health system
Effect of home telemonitoring on glycemic and blood pressure control in primary care clinic patients with diabetesEffectiveness of Evidence-Based Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) CPOE Order Sets Measured by Health OutcomesEffects of CPOE on provider cognitive workload: a randomized crossover trial
Effects of Computerized Physician Order Entry on Prescribing Practices
Effects of Exam-Room Computing on Clinician–Patient CommunicationEffects of an integrated clinical information system on medication safety in a multi-hospital settingEffects of clinical decision-support systems on practitioner performance and patient outcomes: a synthesis of high-quality systematic review findings
Effects of computerized clinical decision support systems on practitioner performance and patient outcomesEffects of computerized guidelines for managing heart disease in primary careEffects of computerized physician order entry and clinical decision support systems on medication safety: a systematic review
Effects of exam-room computing on clinician-patient communication: a longitudinal qualitative studyEfficacy of an Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support in Primary Care Practices A Randomized Clinical TrialEfficiency Achievements from a User-Developed Real-Time Modifiable Clinical Information System
El Camino Hospital
Electronic CrossmatchElectronic Dental Records System Adoption
Electronic Health Record Implementation in the Emergency DepartmentElectronic Health Record in developing countries
Electronic Health Records in Four Community Physician Practices: Impact on Quality and Cost of CareElectronic Healthcare CommunicationElectronic Laboratory Reporting
Electronic Medication Administration Record
Electronic Ordering System Improves Postoperative Pain Management after Total Knee or Hip Arthroplasty
Electronic Prescriptions are Safer PrescriptionsElectronic Signature
Electronic data captureElectronic health information exchange in underserved settings: examining initiatives in small physician practices & community health centers
Electronic health record-based surveillance of diagnostic errors in primary careElectronic health record-based triggers to detect potential delays in cancer diagnosis
Electronic health record - based triggers to detect potential delays in cancer diagnosisElectronic health record use and the quality of ambulatory care in the United States
Electronic health records and national patient-safety goalsElectronic health records improve the quality of care in underserved populations: A literature reviewElectronic health record–based decision support to improve asthma care: a cluster-randomized trial