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Electronic medical record, error detection, and error reduction: A pediatric critical care perspectiveElectronic medical record training beyond go-live
Electronic medical record use by office-based physicians and their practices: United States, 2006Electronic medical records and diabetes quality of care: results from a sample of family medicine practicesElectronic medical records and quality of cancer care
Electronic medical records for clinical research: application to the identification of heart failureElectronic personal health records come of age
Electronic prescribing systems in pediatrics: the rationale and functionality requirementsElectronic support groups
Eliminating LGBTIQQ Health Disparities: The Associated Roles of Electronic Health Records and Institutional CultureEmancipated Minor
Emergency Department Access to a Longitudinal Medical RecordEmergency Department SettingEmergency Departments and Meaningful Use
Emergency department Information Systems Best of Breed VS. Enterprise moduleEmergency department transfer orders canceled by system upon transfer to floorEmotional Reactions
Emotional aspects of computer-based provider order entry: a qualitative studyEmr training
Enabling Better Interoperability for HealthCare: Lessons in Developing a Standards Based Application Programing Interface for Electronic Medical Record SystemsEncryptionEncryption characteristics of two USB-based personal health record devices
Endowed ProfessorshipsEnhanced Notification of Critical Ventilator Events
Enhancement of Clinicians' Diagnostic Reasoning by Computer-Based ConsultationEnhancing Electronic Health Records to Support Clinical ResearchEnhancing Physician Adoption of CPOE: The Search for a Perfect Order Set
Enhancing healthcare process design with human factors engineering and reliability science, part 2: applying the knowledge to clinical documentation systemsEnhancing patient safety and quality of care by improving the usability of electronic health record systems: recommendations from AMIA
EpiInfoEpi Info
Epic Willow
Errors prevented by and associated with bar-code medication administration systemsEsignature
Estimating the impact of deploying an electronic clinical decision support tool as part of a national practice improvement projectEthics and the Electronic Health Record in Dental School Clinics
Ethics in InformaticsEthnographyEthnomethodology
Evaluating Clinical Decision Support Systems:Monitoring CPOE Order Check Override Rates in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Computerized Patient Record SystemEvaluating a Dental Diagnostic Terminology in an Electronic Health RecordEvaluating health information exchange
Evaluating healthcare quality using natural language processing
Evaluating the Impact of Computerized Provider Order Entry on Medical Students Training at Bedside: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Evaluating the Impact of Information Technology Tools to Support the Asthma Medical HomeEvaluating the Usability of a Free Electronic Health Record for TrainingEvaluating the impact of an integrated computer-based decision support with person-centered analytics for the management of asthma in primary care: a randomized controlled trial
Evaluating usability of a commercial electronic health record: A case study
Evaluation and Certification of Computerized Provider Order Entry SystemsEvaluation and Design MethodologiesEvaluation and selection of open-source EMR software packages based on integrated AHP and TOPSIS
Evaluation of Drug Interactions in a Large Sample of Psychiatric Inpatients: A Data Interface for Mass Analysis with Clinical Decision Support SoftwareEvaluation of Effectiveness and Cost‐Effectiveness of a Clinical Decision Support System in Managing Hypertension in Resource Constrained Primary Health Care Settings: Results From a Cluster Randomized TrialEvaluation of Medication Alerts in Electronic Health Records for Compliance with Human Factors Principles
Evaluation of Outpatient Computerized Physician Medication Order Entry Systems: A Systematic ReviewEvaluation of PROforma as a language for implementing medical guidelines in a practical context
Evaluation of User Interface and Workflow Design of a Bedside Nursing Clinical Decision Support SystemEvaluation of an electronic health record-supported obesity management protocol implemented in a community health center: a cautionary noteEvaluation of causes and frequency of medication errors during information technology downtime
Evaluation of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a clinical decision support system in managing hypertension in resource constrained primary health care settings: results from a cluster randomized trialEvaluation of electronic discharge summaries: A comparison of documentation in electronic and handwritten discharge summariesEvaluation of medication errors via a computerized physician order entry system in an inpatient renal transplant unit
Evaluation of outpatient computerized physician medication order entry systemsEvaluation of rule effectiveness and positive predictive value of clinical rules in a Dutch clinical decision support system in daily hospital pharmacy practiceEvaluation of the effect of information integration in displays for ICU nurses on situation awareness and task completion time: A prospective randomized controlled study
Event monitorEvidence-based management of ambulatory electronic health record system implementation: an assessment of conceptual support and qualitative evidence
Evidence-based red cell transfusion in the critically ill: Quality improvement using computerized physician order entryEvidence Based Dentistry - Clinical Decision Support in Dental Practice
Evidence Based Health Services ManagementEvident
Examining clinical decision support integrity: is clinician self-reported data entry accurate?
Experience with an electronic health record for a homeless populationExpert clinical rules automate steps in delivering evidence-based care in the electronic health record
Exploiting the potential of large databases of electronic health records for research using rapid algorithms and an intuitive query interfaceExploring Residents’ Interactions With Electronic Health Records in Primary Care Encounters
Exploring a clinically friendly web-based approach to clinical decision support linked to the electronic health record: design philosophy, prototype implementation, and framework for assessmentExplorysExposure to and experiences with a computerized decision support intervention in primary care: results from a process evaluation
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
FDA Medical Device Approval ProcessFERPA
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Facilitating direct entry of clinical data into electronic health record systemsFactor analysis
Factorial designFactors associated with difficult electronic health record implementation in office practiceFactors contributing to an increase in duplicate medication order errors after CPOE implementation
Factors contributing to an increase in duplicate medication order errors after CPOE implementation.Failure Modes and Effects AnalysisFailure of computerized treatment suggestions to improve health outcomes of outpatients with uncomplicated hypertension: results of a randomized controlled trial
Father Joe's Villages and McKesson's EHR Help Improve Care for Underserved CommunitiesFeasibility of 30-day hospital readmission prediction modeling based on health information exchange data
Feasibility of real-time satisfaction surveys through automated analysis of patients' unstructured comments and sentimentsFeatures of effective computerized clinical decision support systems: meta-regression of 162 randomized trialsFeatures predicting the success of computerized decision support for prescribing: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Federal HIT Initiatives
Findings from the SMART C-CDA CollaborativeFirewall
First DataBankFlashing light used to notify nurses of new laboratory alerts
Flowchart-based decision support sample contentFocus group
Follow-Up Care of Clinical HIV infection and AIDS (FUCHIA)FollowMyHealth
Formal Request for Proposal (RFP) vs Non Request for Proposal (Non RPF)Formative Evaluation of the Accuracy of a Clinical Decision Support System for Cervical Cancer ScreeningFormative evaluation of clinician experience with integrating family history-based clinical decision support into clinical practice
Formative evaluation of the accuracy of a clinical decision support system for cervical cancer screeningFormulary decision support
Fostering Acceptance of Computerized Physician Order Entry
Free and Open Source EMRsFreedom of Information Act (FIOA)
From adverse drug event detection to prevention. A novel clinical decision support framework for medication safetyFrom cacophony to harmony: A case study about the IS implementation process as an opportunity for organizational transformation at Sentara Healthcare
Fulfilling the promise of evidence-based medicineFunctional Status Assessment: A Important Factor in the Emerging Standard Continuity of Care Document
Functional specificationsFunding ResourcesGIDEON
GNU Health
Gender differences in diabetes self-management: a mixed-methods analysis of a mobile health intervention for inner-city Latino patients
General Equivalency Mappings (GEMs)General practitioners' use of computers for prescribing and electronic health records: results from a national surveyGeneral system features associated with improvements in clinical practice
Genetic InformationGenetic Non-Discrimination
Geographic information system (GIS)
Giving Patients Control of Their EHR Data
Giving patients granular control of personal health information: Using an ethics ‘Points to Consider’ to inform informatics system designersGlobal trigger tool
Glossary of acronymsGlucometersGoing Mobile: How Mobile Personal Health Records Can Improve Health Care During Emergencies
Google HealthGoogle Scholar
Graduate Medical Education MilestonesGrand challenges in clinical decision support
Greenway Medical technologies, Inc – PrimeSUITEGrey Hat Hacker
Grounded theory
Grounded theory techniqueGroup differences in physician responses to handheld presentation of clinical evidence: a verbal protocol analysisGuidance for Radiology Information System
HCPCS - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)HCS Interactant
HIT Adoption in ChinaHIT Outsourcing in Rural Hospitals
HIT plants SEEDS in healthcare educationHL7
HL7 FHIRHL7 FHIR: An Agile and RESTful approach to healthcare information exchange
HL7 develops the first unique clinical profile for the ED, based on its EHR umbrella standardHTTPS protocol
HackerHadoop. How to handle all that data
Handhelds and HIPAA: Does instant access and availabilityfrom mobile technology jeopardize patient privacy
HapptiqueHardwiring patient blood management: harnessing information technology to optimize transfusion practice
Health 2.0
Health Care and the Semantic WebHealth Center Controlled Network
Health Evaluation through Logical Programming (HELP)
Health IT in Prisons & JailsHealth Informatics in CanadaHealth Information Exchange
Health Information Exchange among U.S. Hospitals
Health Information Technology: Addressing Health Disparity by Improving Quality, Increasing Access, and Developing WorkforceHealth Information Technology: Integration of Clinical Workflow into Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative
Health Services and Resource Administration (HRSA)
Health care quality outcome measuresHealth care quality process measuresHealth coaching
Health informaticsHealth information exchange and patient safety
Health information technology
Health information technology in oncology practice: a literature reviewHealthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP)Healthcare in China
Healthcare spending and use of information technology in OECD countriesHealthkit
HealthlandHealthland (Formely Dairyland Healthcare solutions)
Heuristic Evaluation
Heuristic evaluation of eNote: an electronic notes systemHierarchy of EvidenceHigh rates of adverse drug events in a highly computerized hospital
High speed clinical data retrieval system with event time sequence feature: with 10 years of clinical data of Hamamatsu University Hospital CPOE
Historical Challenges of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) ToolsHistorical researchHistorically Important Electronic Medical Record Systems
History of computerized physician order entry
Hold harmlessHomelessness
Hospital Computer ProjectHospital Italiano EHR System