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Hospital OSHospital Standardized Mortality Ratio
Hospital information systemHospital wireless networking infrastructure
Hot SitesHouse Approves SGR Deal With Major Health IT Provisions
How smart tokens permit the secure, remote access of electronic health records.How to successfully select and implement electronic health records (EHR) in small ambulatory practice settings
Http:// and facilitators to the uptake of computerized clinical decision support systems in specialty hospitals: protocol for a qualitative cross-sectional study
Http:// care unit nurses' information needs and recommendations for integrated displays to improve nurses' situation awareness
Http:// Source Handheld-Based EMR for Paramedics Working in Rural AreasHttp:// OpenMRS System: Collaborating Toward an Open Source EMR for Developing CountriesHttp://
Human Factors Design and Clinical Decision SupportHuman Factors in health care
I2b2 Informatics for Integrating Biology and the BedsideIBM Watson
ICPCICU nurses' acceptance of electronic health records.
IEEE 11073 Personal Health Device (PHD) Family of StandardsIForm
IT-adoption and the interaction of task, technology and individualsIT Downtime – A Cultural ShiftIcon and user interface design for emergency medical information systems: A case study
IcuARM-An ICU Clinical Decision Support System Using Association Rule MiningIdentifiable Health Data
Identification Card
Identifying Best Practices for Clinical Decision Support and Knowledge Management in the FieldIdentifying Previously Undetected Harm: Piloting the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Global Trigger Tool in the Veterans Health Administration
Identity (SQL)
Imaging in Dermatology
Imaging informaticsImmunization Information SystemsImmunization Prompts in EHRs
Impact of CPOE on mortality rates--contradictory findings, important messagesImpact of Electronic Health Record Clinical Decision Support on Diabetes Care: A Randomized TrialImpact of Electronic Health Record Systems on Information Integrity: Quality and Safety Implications
Impact of Health Information Technology on Detection of Potential Adverse Drug Events at the Ordering StageImpact of a clinical decision support system for high-alert medications on the prevention of prescription errorsImpact of a computerized clinical decision support system on reducing inappropriate antimicrobial use
Impact of a computerized clinical decision support system on reducing inappropriate antimicrobial use: a randomized controlled trialImpact of a warning CPOE system on the inappropriate pill splitting of prescribed medications in outpatientsImpact of an automated test results management system on patients' satisfaction about test result communication
Impact of clinical decision support on head computed tomography use in patients with mild traumatic brain injury in the EDImpact of computerized decision support on blood pressure management and control: a randomized controlled trialImpact of computerized physician order entry on clinical practice in a newborn intensive care unit
Impact of computerized physician order entry on medication prescription errors in the intensive care unit: a controlled cross-sectional trialImpact of electronic health record clinical decision support on diabetes care: a randomized trial
Impact of electronic health record implementation on patient flow metrics in a pediatric emergency departmentImpact of electronic health record systems on information integrity: quality and safety implicationsImpact of electronic health record technology on the work and workflow of physicians in the intensive care unit
Impact of electronic reminders on venous thromboprophylaxis after admissions and transfersImpact of electronic reminders on venous thromboprophylaxis after admissions and transfersVendor Selection CriteriaImpact of health information technology on quality, efficiency, and costs of medical care
Implantable TelehealthImplementation Pearls from a New Guidebook on Improving Medication Use and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support
Implementation and use of an electronic health record within the Indian Health ServiceImplementation of Hospital Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems in a Rural State: Feasibility and Financial Impact
Implementation of Physician Order Entry: User Satisfaction and Self-reported Usage Patterns.Implementation of a clinical decision support system for computerized drug prescription entries in a large tertiary care hospitalImplementation of a clinical decision support system for computerized drug prescription entries in a large tertiary care hospital.
Implementation of a computerized physician order entry system of medications at the University Health NetworkImplementation of a simple electronic transfusion alert system decreases inappropriate ordering of packed red blood cells and plasma in a multi-hospital care system
Implementation of an evidence-based order set to impact initial antibiotic time intervals in adult febrile neutropeniaImplementation of electronic chemotherapy ordering: an opportunity to improve evidence-based oncology careImplementation of multiple-domain covering computerized decision support systems in primary care: a focus group study on perceived barriers
Implementing Computerized Provider Order Entry in Acute Care Hospitals in the United States Could Generate Substantial Savings to SocietyImplementing Patient Access to Electronic Health Records Under HIPAA: Lessons Learned
Implementing Patient access to Electronic Health Records under HIPAA: Lessons learnedImplementing a perinatal clinical information system
Implementing an animated geographic information system to investigate factors associated with nosocomial infections: a novel approachImplementing culture change in health care: theory and practice
Implementing health information technology to improve the process of health care delivery: a case studyImportance of Post Implementation Training
Importance of Workflow Analysis During Physician Office EMR ImplementationImpoving sedative-hypnotic prescribing in older hospitalized patients; provider-perceived benefits and barriers of a computer-based reminder
Improving Appropriateness of Acid-Suppressive Medication Use via Computerized Clinical Decision SupportImproving Clinical Decisions on T2DM Patients Integrating Clinical, Administrative and Environmental Data.Improving Clinical Practice Using Clinical Decision Support Systems: A Systematic Review of Trials to Identify Features Critical to Success
Improving Hospital Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis with Electronic Decision SupportImproving Perioperative Performance: The Use of Operations Management and the Electronic Health Record
Improving acceptance of computerized prescribing alerts in ambulatory careImproving antibiotic prescribing for adults with community acquired pneumonia: Does a computerised decision support system achieve more than academic detailing alone?--A time series analysisImproving clinical practice using clinical decision support systems
Improving colorectal cancer screening in primary care practice: innovative strategies and future directionsImproving completeness of electronic problem lists through clinical decision supportImproving information technology adoption and implementation through the identification of appropriate benefits: creating IMPROVE-IT
Improving outcomes for high-risk diabetics using information systemsImproving pathway compliance and clinician performance by using information technologyImproving record linkage performance in the presence of missing linkage data
Improving red blood cell orders, utilization, and management with point-of-care clinical decision supportImproving the usefulness of information in electronic health records; techniques used to capture and structure narrative data.In-patient
In loco parentisIncidence and prevalence of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies among commercially insured, Medicare supplemental insured, and Medicaid enrolled populations: an administrative claims analysis
Increased Resource UtilizationIndependent Review of NHS and Social Care IT
Index of Non-AdherenceIndian Health Service (IHS)Indian Health Service Electronic Health Record
Indiana Health Information ExchangeIndication-based prescribing prevents wrong-patient medication errors in computerized provider order entry (CPOE)Individualization, globalization and health – about sustainable information technologies and the aim of medical informatics
Infection Control ConcernsInfobuttons
Informatics Competencies
Informatics Interchange - Alert FatigueInformatics Interchange Alert Fatigue
Informatics Students' ContributionsInformatics Tools for Radiation Dose Estimation
Informatics competencies for nursing and healthcare leaders.Information Resources
Information RetrievalInformation Security Officer (ISO)Information Security Risk Assessment
Information Technology Improves Emergency Department Patient Discharge Instructions Completeness and Performance on a National Quality MeasureInformation Technology in PBRNs: The Indiana University Medical Group Research Network (IUMG ResNet) ExperienceInformation blocking
Information for Disasters, Information Disasters, and Disastrous InformationInformation needs for the OR and PACU electronic medical recordInformation security
Information system support as a critical success factor for chronic disease managementInformation system support as a critical success factor for chronic disease management: Necessary but not sufficient
Initiate Systems Identity HubInnovative uses of electronic health records and social media for public health surveillance
Instant availability of patient records, but diminished availability of patient information: A multi-method study of GP's use of electronic patient recordsInstitutional Review Board (IRB)
Integrated PHRIntegrated facility offers seamless care to Denver's homeless: new facility merges primary care and behavioral health delivery
Integrating "best of care" protocols into clinicians' workflow via care provider order entry: impact on quality-of-care indicators for acute myocardial infarctionIntegrating Medical Devices into EMRs
Integrating Patient Generated Family Health History From Varied EHR Entry PortalsIntegrating clinical research with the Healthcare Enterprise: from the RE-USE project to the EHR4CR platformIntegrating computerized clinical decision support systems into clinical work: A meta-synthesis of qualitative research
Integrating physician sign-out with the electronic medical record
IntegrityIntelligent Medical Software (IMS) ClinicalIntelligent information: a national system for monitoring clinical performance Bottle A Aylin P
Intensive care unit nurses' information needs and recommendations for integrated displays to improve nurses' situation awarenessInteraction model
Interactive telemedicine: effects on professional practice and health care outcomesInterface Design for Health Care Environments: The Role of Cognitive Science
Interface Design of the EHR
Interface terminologyInternational Classification of Primary Care 2
Interrupted Time Series Design with Comparison GroupInterrupted time-series analysis
Interventions to reduce medication errors in pediatric intensive care
Is there a “magic” hemoglobin numberIsabel
Itoiz Clinic EMR
Janus Health - JanusOSSM
JavaScriptJava Script Object Notation (JSON)
Joint Legacy ViewerJulius--a template based supplementary electronic health record system
Junzi No.1 Hospital Information System
Kareo Inc
Keas: Disease and Wellness Management
Key capabilities of an electronic health record systemKey principles for a national clinical decision support knowledge sharing framework synthesis of insights from leading subject matter experts
Knowledge Representation
Knowledge management
L1000 assay and the Connectivity Map datasetLOINC
Lab on a ChipLaboratory Information Systems (LIS)
Leading Biobanking Projects & InstitutionsLeading Examples of Biobanking
Leading Health Informatics and Medical Informatics JournalsLeapfrog
Learning Health Systems (LHS)Legal health record
Lessons Learned from a Seasoned NoviceLessons learned from implementing service-oriented clinical decision support at four sites: A qualitative study
Leveraging of Open EMR Architecture for Clinical Trial AccrualLiang Zhang Han Expert System
Limited data set
List of Clinical Informatics ConferencesList of Informatics Departments
Loans and Investor Proceeds
Local public health department adoption and use of electronic health records
Long-term effect of computer-assisted decision support for antibiotic treatment in critically ill patients: a prospective ‘before/after’ cohort studyLong Beach Network for Health
Lorenzo patient record systems
METEOR: An Enterprise Health Informatics Environment to Support Evidence-based MedicineMETEOR: An Enterprise Health Informatics Environment to Support Evidence - based MedicineMHealth
MHealth Regulation
MHealth consumer apps: the case for user-centered design
MOSORIOT Medical Record System (MMRS)MPrescribeMPrescribing
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