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Usability of Electronic Medical RecordsUsability testing of mobile ICT for clinical settings: Methodological and practical challengesUse of Clinical Decision Support to Increase Influenza Vaccination: Multi-year Evolution of the System
Use of Mobile Clinical Decision Support Software by Junior Doctors at a UK Teaching Hospital: Identification and Evaluation of Barriers to EngagementUse of a support vector machine for categorizing free-text notesUse of an electronic patient-reported outcome measurement system to improve distress management in oncology
Use of an electronic patient portal among disadvantaged populationsUse of common, floor-level computer login for clinical results reviewUse of computer decision support interventions to improve medication prescribing in older adults: a systematic review
Use of digital technology in Hospital(Non-ICU)COVID-19 patientsUse of electronic medical records (EMR) for oncology outcomes research: assessing the comparability of EMR information to patient registry and health claims dataUse of electronic medical records in oncology outcomes research
Use of free text clinical records in identifying syndromes and analyzing health dataUse of graph theory to identify patterns of deprivation and high morbidity and mortalityUse of handheld computers in medical education. A systematic review
Usefulness of a Regional Health Care Information System in primary care: a case studyUser Interface EvaluationUser Permission
User centered designUser satisfactionUses for aggregated EHR coded data
Uses of electronic health records for public health surveillance to advance public healthUsing Commercial Knowledge Bases for Clinical Decision Support: Opportunities, Hurdles, and Recommendations
Using Data to Change Physician BehaviorUsing Evidence-Based Layout Design to Enhance Workflow in the Clinical LaboratoryUsing Human-Centered Design Theory for EHR's
Using a Cloud-based Electronic Health RecordDuring Disaster Response: A Case Study inFukushima, March 2011Using a computerized provider order entry system to meet the unique prescribing needs of children: description of an advanced dosing model
Using a medical simulation center as an electronic health record usability laboratory
Using electronic health record data to evaluate preventive service utilization among uninsured safety net patientsUsing natural language processing to identify problem usage of prescription opioidsUsing qualitative studies to improve the usability of an EMR
Using special people in a computerized physician order entry system implementation: Removing barriers to successUsing web services for linking genomic data to medical information systemsUtility Model
Utilizing Dental Electronic Health Records Data to Predict Risk for Periodontal DiseaseUtilizing IHE-based Electronic Health Record Systems for Secondary Use
Vaccination contraindicationsValidating a guidelines based asthma decision support system: step oneValidity of using an electronic medical record for assessing quality of care in an outpatient setting
Value of the electronic patient recordVendor Selection Criteria
Vendor Selection Criteria: Certification and meaningful useVendor Selection Criteria: Core clinical featuresVendor Selection Criteria: Evaluation post implementation
Vendor Selection Criteria: Future relationship with vendorVendor Selection Criteria: Go live supportVendor Selection Criteria: IT and technical requirements
Vendor Selection Criteria: InteroperabilityVendor Selection Criteria: Planning and Implementation ApproachVendor Selection Criteria: Research
Vendor Selection Criteria: UsabilityVendor Selection Criteria: Vendor assessmentVendor negotiations
Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA)Veteran’s Affairs Switch from VistA based Electronic Health Record to Cerner Millennium
Video analysisViewpoint: a pragmatic approach to constructing a minimum data set for care of patients with HIV in developing countries
Views on health information sharing and privacy from primary care practices using electronic medical recordsVirtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER)
Virtual Private NetworkVirtual visitationVirus
Visions and strategies to improve evaluation of health information systems: Reflections and lessons based on the HIS-EVAL workshop in InnsbruckVista Equity Partners
Visual analyticsVisualizing unstructured patient data for assessing diagnostic and therapeutic history
Vitera healthcare solutionsVocera
Voluntary Universal Healthcare IdentifierWEDI: ICD-10 Delay Hurt Health Care Industry's Preparedness
Waiting Room Solutions
Web based EMR
Wellsoft Corporation - Wellsoft EDIS
What interventions should pharmacists employ to impact health practitioners' prescribing practices?What may help or hinder the implementation of computerized decision support systems (CDSSs): a focus group study with physician
What may help or hinder the implementation of computerized decision support systems (CDSSs): a focus group study with physicians.White hat hacker
Who needs a blood culture? A prospectively derived and validated prediction ruleWhole system measures
Why doctors quitWi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
Wiki SpamWired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
Wireless communication devices
With "big data" comes big responsibility: outreach to North Carolina Medicaid patients with 10 or more computed tomography scans in 12 months.Workflow Management System
Workstation Assessment for EHR Implementation at a tertiary care centerWorldVistAWorm
X-Ray technician in room taking X-Ray before nurse is aware of orderYou and me and the computer makes three: variations in exam room use of the electronic health record
“Clinical decision support systems”
“Not all my friends need to know”: a qualitative study of teenage patients, privacy, and social media