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User satisfaction is a measure of usability. User satisfaction very crucial in the evaluation of any new challenging system. It is an indication to the success and essential to the survival of the system1 and it is a useful measure in assessing consultations and patterns of communication in the clinical information system CIS. Resistance of physicians, concerns about security and lose of psychosocial discussion between physicians and patients are barriers of implementation of the CIS and results in dissatisfaction of users which may cause the system failure.

Assessment of user satisfaction

The user satisfaction can be assessed by conducting surveys through self completed or interview questionnaires2.

Factors affecting user satisfaction

To achieve efficiency and effectiveness CIS implementation should be crowned by user satisfaction .Some studies have proven that the gender and age of the user have an effect on his/her satisfaction and acceptance. Computer skills and the familiarity with the technology have the main effect. The ease of use and awareness of usefulness of CIS increase user satisfaction.

Clinical and administrative leadership support preserves satisfaction, so the presence of a department of the technical support is very important. Moreover, the training level of the implementation staff has a considerable effect. The implementation of one on one technique3 in training of physicians has achieved a higher satisfaction and effectiveness.

The impact of CIS implementation on the relationship between physicians and patients affects satisfaction as well. The use of Electronic Health Records EHRs may affect negatively patient satisfaction as it decreases the opportunity for discussion, sensitivity to patient responses and the eye contact. In addition, there is a correlation between the user satisfaction and the incentives from hierarchy and the perceived use by colleagues4.


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