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The Aionex PatientBoard is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant, secure, web-based, patient status board. Without a login or an authorized caregiver in close proximity to the board, you can only see that a patient is in a bed and the sex of the patient denoted by a pink/blue mark. The system uses an InfraRed or RFID marker (either can be used based on the infrastructure and needs in the area), to automatically recognize the caregiver whenever they come in close proximity to the PatientBoard or they can be recognized by entering their username and password/PIN to get access based on their role. [1]

Aionex PatientBoard

After you are recognized, you can hover over or touch the icon on the screen to see new orders. You will only be presented with the orders given for your patient since the last time you accessed the patient or the start of the shift. You can also look at older orders based on selected timeframes--last 12 hours, 24 hours, etc. Stat/Now orders are presented as an emergent task and they have rules behind them for timely response.

There is a physician view and a nurse view etc. Physicians will see their patients, locations and 24 hour profile when they hover over the patient. It also serves as a communications method with electronic sticky notes and pages/wireless phone access.

In addition, the Patient Response Platform automatically pages all stat/now orders for medications, respiratory therapy treatments, ekg etc. to the appropriate caregiver based on the electronic order. When a stat med order is entered for instance, an Health Level Seven (HL7) message triggers a page to the pharmacist assigned to the care zone. (you can also use Spectralink, Vocera, Verizon or other wireless phone solution) The page says “359P stat med” as an example. The pharmacist electronically verifies the order and the action of verifying the order triggers an automated page to the nurse assigned to the patient that the med is verified and ready to give.

A stat/now ekg is auto paged to the Cardiac tech assigned to the zone. A stat/now lab is auto paged to the Lab tech assigned to the zone. A resp stat/now is auto paged to the resp tech assigned to the zone.

In a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) environment, the doc would trigger the action immediately.

Since the staff wear markers for tracking, we can tell who went into the room and when as well. If you have bedside bar code meds/treatments, then it would close with the action of delivery of care.