EMR (EHR) Available Solutions and How to Choose the Right One

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After you have decide that you are ready for an EMR system, you think all should be down the hill from here, but choosing what system to use is not easy. There are several things to consider and there is a very wide range of solutions. It does not matter if you are looking for an EMR or EHR systems, first check the EHR System Selection, Request for Proposal information, and Comparing Vendors. In this section I want to focus in small practices that do not have the resources to take some of the step suggested in those sections and what they can do when facing a decision as important as selecting their EMR system. I also, want to point you to some sites where you can get helpful information. There is a set of step that you have to take no matter how small you are:

1. Identify your decision makers

2. Clarify your goals

3. Research EMR systems

4. Assess EMR functionality and features

5. Compare EMR systems

6. Write a request for proposal

7. Select the RFP recipients

8. Review the RFPs and narrow the field

9. Attend vendor demonstrations

10. Check references

11. Rank vendors

12. Conduct site visits

13. Select a finalist

14. Solidify organizational commitment

15. Implementation Plan

16. Negotiate contract

These sites can give you more detail about this process:




After you have selected the EHR system that suit your needs and budget, this process will not get any easier. You are investing a great amount of money for a system and you should paid special attention to the implementation of the system as well as the use of acceptance of it.