Historically Important Electronic Medical Record Systems

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The following electronic medical record (EMR) systems are among the first kind ever developed. Each of the following systems added key information to our current understanding of how EMRs can improve the cost, quality, and efficiency of the care delivered within the modern health care system.

Year System Summary Country
640bc case records Developed by Hippocrates Demonstrate natural causes of illness.Portray the course of illness through observation of patients’ symptoms.Required openness and honesty.Evident by frequent death. U.S
2000 ETO Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) software was the result—a solution that would allow staff to record their efforts at the point of service delivery and relate those efforts to client outcomes down the road. Real-time reports would provide actionable data to inform service delivery and program management, and build a foundation for continuous internal improvement.Social Solutions Global (SSG), the creator of Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) software, is the leading provider of outcomes management software for the human services. ETO equips nonprofit and public sector organizations to drive performance by making data useful at all levels, from frontline staff to executive leadership. United States
2014 Care360 Developed by Quest Diagnostics, Care360 is a cloud-based electronic health record. Care360 EHR version 2015.1 has been certified as a 2014 Edition Complete Ambulatory EHR. Care360 Electronic Health Records allow you to effectively document a full clinical encounter quickly and easily, while qualifying for the CMS Incentive for Meaningful Use of an Electronic Health Record and avoiding Medicare penalties. United States
1972 MYCIN Developed by Edward Shortlife at Stanford University as a consultation system that focused on appropriate management of patients who have infections. Research conducted at Stanford Medical School on therapy selection for patients with meningitis found that MYCIN gave an acceptable therapy in about 69% of the cases, which compared favorably with that offered by experts in infectious diseases. MYCIN was a factor in improving research and development of knowledge-based systems and the commercialization of the rule-based approach in a variety of nonmedical fields. United States
2013 Evident Created by CPSI, Evident Hospital EHR, Porvider EHR, Revenue Cycle Management, and Financial Management aimed at developing rural healthcare. United States
1976 HealthCare Management Systems Founded in 1976, HMS offers two divisions to serve the needs of hospital-based physicians. These are the Turnkey Division and the HMS Practice Management Division. United States
2013 TruBridge Created by CPSI, TruBridge offers buisness services and consulting dedicated to the community healthcare market. United States
1999 ADP AdvancedMD An all-in-one medical software for private practices that unifies EHR, billing and scheduling software. EHR software ensures accuracy of health and medical records. United States
1966 Akron General Hospital and IBM Developed with aim of eliminating paperwork. Key Features include system to remind nursing staff of drug orders. United States
2009 American Reinvestment Act of 2009 Mandating policy change both investment and implementation of EMR technology. To provide financial incentives to instigate societal movement towards EMR technology. United States
2003 Alberta Netcare Canada's first Province wide EMR Canada
1982 Allscripts Practice management System, mainly for private practices, Developed by Medic Computing Systems (later acquired by Allscripts) United States
2006 Athenahealth It was launched by AthenaHealth as the "first economically sustainable, service-based" EMR. It is web-based/ cloud-based.its emphasis has always been on helping doctors with practice management particularly helping them get paid. It charges based on what it accomplishes for its customers (such as a percentage of billings collected), rather than for the software itself. The cloud services the company offers are backed up by an array of human-powered services, like people to follow up on claims that have been denied and clerical workers to process paperwork that comes in by fax, rather than electronically United States
1995 Rayavaran Dynamic Medical Objects and Documents (DMOD) Iran's first windows-based EMR Iran
1999 Amazing Charts Developed by Jonathan Bertman for his private practice, later adopted by many others due to easy usability United States
2001 AMPATH medical record system (AMRS) Sub-Saharan Africa's first electronic medical record system for the comprehensive management of the clinical care of patients infected with HIV. Implemented at primary care level Kenya
2001 OSCAR McMaster open source browser-based EMR system developed by McMaster University Canada
2001 Hospital OS Hospital Management Software to support small rural hospitals in Thailand Thailand
2001 T SystemEV Emergency Department Information System based on T-Sheet charting United States
2006 ART-EMR Touchscreen input with Direct 48V DC powered systems with unique patient ID system. Malawi
Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) US Department of Defense (DoD) United States
1975 Arthritis, Rheumatism, and Aging Medical Information System (ARAMIS) Stanford University Department of Medicine, Stanford, California. United States
Brigham Integrated Computing System (BICS) Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA United States
1993 QuadraMed Founded in 1993, QuadraMed is leader in the healthcare information technology market offering tools and solutions by targeting challenges related with access/identity management, care management and revenue cycle management in the healthcare field. QuadraMed works with several healthcare provider facilities throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. United States
Buenos Aires Hospital Network EHR System Argentina
Care2x Integrated Healthcare Open Source Environment
Center for Clinical Computing (CCC) Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA United states
1985 Centricity EMR GE Healthcare. Based on industry standards, Centricity EMR fits the needs of both physicians and administrators. United States
1979 Cerner Cerner Corporation,Cerner Corp. designs, develops, markets, installs, hosts and supports health care information technology, health care devices, hardware and content solutions for health care organizations and consumers. It also provides a wide range of value-added services, including implementation and training, remote hosting, operational management services, revenue cycle services, support and maintenance, health care data analysis, clinical process optimization, transaction processing, employer health centers, employee wellness programs and third party administrator services for employer-based health plans. Kansas City, MO United States
1974 MediSolution Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) 200 S Wacker Drive in Chicago United States
1994 ChartLogic EHR Chartlogic mission is to make doctor’s job easier. They create tools that mimic doctor's work but now they will be able to work faster and more efficiently. Chartlogic Corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah. United States
Meridian EMR
Crystal Practice Management
Micro MD
Medical Mastermind
1999 ClinicStation M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX United States
Composite Health Care System (CHCS) Original DoD EHR
1987 Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System - CHESS Developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison United states
1991 Comchart EMR Comchart EMR - is designed to minimize the amount of time a physician spends “documenting,” while giving them the tools they need to understand the medical needs of their patients and practice.North Chelmsford, MA United States
1968 Computer Stored Ambulatory Record (COSTAR) Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, Boston, MA United States
1971 Computer Aids in the Physician's Office Project by Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN) aimed at automated patient-history taking at private physicians' offices United States
1997 CureMD
1978 Diogene University Hospital, Geneva Switzerland
1983 Distributed Hospital Computer Program (DHCP) Veterans Health Administration United States
DSS Inc. "The VistA Experts"
1999 eClinicalWorks Comprehensive electronic health record solution and unified practice management. United States
1996 e-MDs It was started by a group of Family Practice physicians (Dr. David Winn and colleagues) in Austin, Texas United States
eCHN Toronto, Ontario Canada, The Hospital for Sick Children Canada
Eclipsys "The Outcomes Company" - Atlanta Georgia. In 2010, the company had merged into Allscripts United States
1979 Epic Systems Judith Faulkner launched Human Services Computing Inc., which later became Epic Systems, at Madison, WI. United States
2003 e-Sushrut First Hospital Management System developed by the Center for Advance Computing (CDAC), Govt of India. India
First DataBank
Follow-Up Care of Clinical HIV infection and AIDS (FUCHIA)
1999 FreeMED It is an open source EMR based on LAMP United States
1998 Greenway Medical technologies, Inc – PrimeSUITE Carrollton, GA United States
Health Evaluation through Logical Programming (HELP) LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT United States
Hospital Italiano EHR System - Buenos Aires Argentina
1961 Hospital Computer Project The initial project at the MGH developed by Bolt Beranek and Newman(BBN). Which later let to development of MUMPS. United States
2001 Isabel - Paddington, London United Kingdom
Integrating Patient Generated Family Health History From Varied EHR Entry Portals Brigham and Women's Hospital
Itoiz Clinic EMR
Janus Health - JanusOSSM - San Diego, CA United States
Junzi No.1 Hospital Information System - PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China
Liang Zhang Han Expert System
1970 Lockheed-Martin / Technicon Data Systems (TDS) - El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA United States
2005 Lorenzo patient record systems Lorenzo was an EMR provided as part of the United Kingdom government’s National Program for IT (NHS Connecting for Health) in the NHS. Ultimately, the program was dismantled, and is considered one of the most expensive healthcare IT failures United Kingdom
Maine General Health (MGH) EMR One Patient, one chart to achieve interoperability standard
McKesson Practice Partner
1999 MDLand iClinic Founded by a group of physicians in New York City, the platform now connects thousands of providers, clinics, medical centers, labs, pharmacies and registries United States
1999 MedAptus Revenue Cycle Management / professional Clinical Charge capture system. Enables hospital charges to be captured at the point of service with ease United States
1968 Meditech A comprehensive electronic medical record that encompasses all aspects of healthcare related technologies and provides a total solution to meet the demands of Meaningful Use United States
1978 Medicomp Systems
MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Health Records System
1995 MediNotes Des Moines, IA United States
2013 MediTouch EHR Web-Based EHR United States
1992 MEDENT New York United States
MOSORIOT Medical Record System (MMRS)
Novella EMR System Mumbai India
2001 NextGen Horsham, Pennsylvania United States
OpenEHR Future-proof and flexible
2004 OpenMRS
2003 OpenSDE
2002 OpenVista California United States
Optum Physician EMR web-based United States
1989 Out-patient Medical Record (OMR) Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA United States
2002 Palm-based Clinical Information System (PalmCIS)
1969 Patient Care Information System (PCIS) Indian Health Service CIS system
Pearl® EHR Patient-Oriented Electronic Medical Record United States
2007 Practice Fusion Free, cloud based EHR system for Private Physicians and Medical Peofessionals United States
1989 Praxis EMR System Template-free EMR United States
Problem-Knowledge Couplers
1976 Problem-Oriented Medical Information System (PROMIS) Approached illness from problem focus rather than disease or source focus For each problem specified, diagnostic and therapeutic plan is specified,Burlington,VT. United States
2002 PrognoCIS EMR Cloud-Based EMR United States
1972 Regenstrief Medical Record System (RMRS) Reginstrief Foundation, Wishard Memorial Hospital, Indianapolis, IN United States
Risk Analysis and Security
Three-layer Graph-based Model (3LGM) - University of Heidelberg/University of Leipzig Germany
2003 Satellife PDA based EMR used in Uganada Uganda
1994 SOAPware
Structured Data Entry
1965 Technicon Medical Information System (TMIS) Eclipsys Corporatons, Atlanta, GA United States
1969 The Medical Record (TMR) - Duke University, Durham, NC
1983 THERESA CPR Computer-based patient record system at Emory University
1982 Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) - Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
1988 Wellsoft Corporation - Wellsoft EDIS Somerset, New Jersey United States
2002 WorldVistA open source
1997 SRS Soft - Montvale NJ United States
Sage Intergy EHR – Tampa, FL United States
2012 Skycare Santa Ana, CA United States
1993 NueMD By Nuesoft
2008 GNU Health opensource EMR and HIS
1997 Athenahealth cloud-based United States
2003 MMF EMR- Newyork, NY Free, Web-based EMR allowing doctors to submit pre-op data to the facility via cloud-based forms, existing servers or simply fax. Founded by MMF Systems. United States
2011 FollowMyHealth Patient Access Portal. Founded by Jardogs in Springfield, Illinois. United States
1980 Healthland Nationwide provider of comprehensive healthcare information systems for rural and critical access hospitals. Founded in Glenwood, Minnesota. United States
2010 Vitera healthcare solutions
3M Health Information Systems
Earlier Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Tools
2000 DocuTAP Urgent Care EMR United States
2012 E-Health Record International “Advancing Global Health Through Mobile Cloud Computing.” United States
2014 Healthkit Mobile healthcare app United States
2009 CHAS-IBM Integration of alternate health care systems United States
2013 RxVault.in Personalized Health Record India
2014 Indian Health Service Electronic Health Record Indian Health Service Electronic Health Record India
2014 Towards a Egyptian Medical Record Egypt TBA Egypt
2002 ISSSTEMed An EHR currently used and developed at a national level by The State’s Employees´ Social Security and Social Services Institute (ISSSTE) in Mexico. Mexico
2007 Microsoft HealthVault Microsoft Personalized Health Record United States
2000 Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) Clinical Developed by practicing pharmacists and physicians, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), is a multi-award winning, multi-certified Clinical Automation System for the medical office. The proprietor is Meditab Software, Inc. founded in 1998, corporate headquarters located in Sacramento, CA. United States
1994 MedInformatix MedInformatix, Inc. is a privately owned IT solutions provider of data and workflow solutions to the healthcare industry. The company is also an innovator in Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). Corporate headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA. United States
1998 DHIS 2 This is a global research and development initiative(called Health Information Systems Project– HISP) originating from the collaboration of public health activists and the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway. It is used in public health programs for data management, analysis and visualization. It can be used to collect, manage, analyze and aggregate individual level data for national program monitoring and evaluation. South Africa
1989 T System Founded by Dr. Woodrow Gandy and Dr. Rob Landon, the T System began back in 1989 upon realizing there was an abundance of time consuming documentation to be completed for patients visiting the emergency department. Five years later in 1994, Dr. Gandy and Dr. Landon developed the T Sheet, a template based documentation system. The T Sheet, designed to streamline patient documentation becomes a popular tool amongst emergency departments across the U. S. and is even mentioned on the sitcom, ER. In 2001, T System developed EV, an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), in which the popular T Sheet is adapted and incorporated. In 2006 Clinical Physician Order Entry (CPOE) was incorporated into EV. EV became certified for Meaningful Use, Stage 1 in 2011 and Stage 2 in 2013. Today T System is working to provide the most advanced technology solutions to help provide the best patient care upon arrival for over 1,900 facilities. United States
2004 Kareo Inc Dan Rodrigues founded Kareo Inc, a healthcare technology provider in 2004. Since inception, Kareo grown to provide services to over 30,000 healthcare providers throughout the U. S. Focused on servicing physicians, Kareo’s mission and purpose is to free the hands of physicians so focus can be concentrated on the patient. In 2011 Kareo launched its free web based EHR and in 2014 it was ranked amongst the top 50 EHR’s by Medical Economics. United States
1994 Platinum EMR Servicing both the U. S. and Canada for 10 years, Platinum EMR is a U. S. based healthcare technology provider. Jeff Cumbee has been at the helm of the company as President and CEO since 1994. Platinum EMR offers low cost services focused on physician owned healthcare facilities. United States
1989 Omni MD A division of Integrated Systems Management (ISM), Omni MD has been providing technology services to the healthcare industry since 1989. The current CEO, Divan Dave, has been in position since 1994. Providing web based EMR and technology services, Omni MD is utilized by over 12,000 healthcare providers. United States
2004 DigiDMS Founded by Tushar Desai in 2004, DigiDMS offers EMR and technology services to over 600 healthcare providers. Their services span through the Central and East Coast region of the U.S. Stage 1 and 2 certified for Meaningful use, as well as ONC HIT certified, DIgiDMS has the accolades to be a great HER service provider. United States
2010 SRHIN A government Healthcare information initiative created by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. China