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Hospital OS "is a research and development project for a Hospital Management Software to support small rural hospitals in Thailand". [1] With funding from the Thailand Research Fund, it is a grass root effort by healthcare and software professionals to provide accessible information system for rural hospitals in Thailand for basic health care and accounting management. The goal of Hospital OS is to:

  • improve productivity [2]
  • reduce the risk to the patient [2]
  • data accuracy [2]
  • reduce loss of data [2]
  • store, retrieve, manage, and share patient data [3]


While practicing in Phuket, where he still practices today, Dr. Kespechara knew the technologic challenges the hospitals in Thailand faced. The Thai government had demanded that all hospitals implement health information technology quickly. Dr. Kespechara, knowing that there was limited resources in hospital budgets to implement such technology, believed it would be best to develop an open source system that all hospitals could share. [4] So, in 2001-2002, Dr. Kespechara set out to develop software to help meet the needs of the medical community. His efforts were supported by the Thailand Research Fund. [1]


Once the software was created, the medical personnel had to be trained. Because there were limited number of medical and technical staff, the team offered long-distance learning online, via telephone, and training courses via the Hospital OS website. Through the website, the medical staff were able to stay up to date on available downloads, new workflow, and a way to report issues or bugs. [3]


Hospital OS was built for small rural community hospitals in Thailand. It is ideal for smaller hospitals, like those with less than 100 inpatient beds, or less than 200 patients seen as outpatient. [5]

  • Registration
  • EMR
  • Accounting and billing
  • e-Prescription
  • Appointments
  • Lab
  • Emergency Room and Trauma
  • Screening
  • In-Patient Department (IPD)

Operating System and Database

Because Dr. Kespechara wanted an open source EMR, he and his team chose the Linux operating system and PostgreSQL as the database with a Java Virtual Machine. It works as a client-server software, where clients input information into a central-unit server. [1]


The Hospital OS software is developed with JAVA and can be used in Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, and other systems with a Java Virtual Machine. It works as a client-server software, where clients input information into a central-unit server. [1]

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