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Janus Health developed the first mobile electronic health record (EMR) system for physicians that are involved in housecall practice.


This system is known as JanusOSSM and now encompasses over 300,000 housecalls in over eleven cities in five states [1]. In addition to providing patient care management applications, the system provides access to emails, text messages, phone messages and faxes from your Outlook email inbox. JanusOSSM can also be used as a portable diagnostic system. It supports devices such as portable x-ray and ultrasound machine.

Janus is noted for holding the patent filed by Dr. Gresham Bayne in 2000. According to the Janus website, this patent covers virtually all forms of digital data transfers emanating from a physician housecall. The patent was published on July 24, 2007.


Among the features of JanusOSSM:

  • Real-time scheduling
  • Wireless access to email
  • Electronic retrieval of lab outcomes and analysis
  • Electronic ordering of prescriptions, services, tests and consultations
  • Portable medical device implementation and support
  • Real-time updating of patient records
  • Centralized administration and storage of patient information

JanusOSSM supports:

  • Portable X-ray Digital & Analog
  • BIO “Z” cardiac output monitoring
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Lab analyzers
  • Portable ultrasound machines
  • EKG


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