Junzi No.1 Hospital Information System

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Junzi No.1 HIS of PLA General Hospital (301 Hospital) is one of the earliest hospital information systems in China.


It is co-developed by the Health Division of the PLA General Logistics Department and the Hewlett Packard China in 1995. It is originated from a hospital information system developed by 301 Hospital and China People's University in 1986. It was based on HP 3700 minicomputer and only had 40 terminals. In 1992, because of the wide popularity of PC, the system is then transferred to PC platform.

The Junzi No.1 HIS followed the concept that "information collection must be on site and collection must be in real time". This HIS is completely centralized and support both clinical and technical departments. From 2002, other systems including anesthesia monitoring, PACS, ultrasound, pathology, nurse mobile bedside PDA, digestive endoscope and cardiology were integrated in to the system. [1]

Recently, the hospital initiated research program to enable regional health information sharing.


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