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Care360 electronic health record is the next generation of functionality developed in Care360 Labs & Meds that enables providers in the ambulatory setting to create, manage and disseminate a complete clinical picture of the patient. The key differentiator of the solution is that it is not designed to replace practice workflow (like a majority of the EMRs in the market); it is designed to facilitate clinical transactions and enhance clinical workflow by providing only the key clinical capabilities needed by the provider. The ultimate goal is to deliver an easy-to-use, affordable web-based solution that offers anywhere anytime access and can be up and running in minimal amount of time.[3]


Quest Diagnostics is a provider of healthcare information technology solutions that facilitate secure, flexible data access and management to help improve patient care and lower healthcare costs. [1] More than 300,000 physicians use the Care360 platform to manage patient data, connect with their community network and improve care coordination.[2] Care360 Electronic Health Records allows providers to effectively document a full clinical encounter quickly and easily, while qualifying for the CMS Incentive for Meaningful Use of an Electronic Health Record and avoiding Medicare penalties.[3]

Care360 Electronic Platform

  • Supports physicians with a practical, cost-effective electronic health record (EHR) and electronic lab ordering and results platform.
  • Cloud-based, so there's no expensive equipment or on-site IT support needed.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface offers quick learning curve.
  • Improve provider collaboration-through a secure, robust and structured data exchange, we can help deliver quality care across your network.
  • Industry-leading clinical decision support engine enhances patient care.
  • Secure e-referral and hospital discharge summary transmissions reduces readmission and facilitates referrals.
  • Demonstrated interoperability with other EHRs, third-party systems and community health exchanges.

Care360 Features


  • Document a full patient encounter (SOAP Notes, vitals, progress notes, more)
  • Customizable templates
  • Achieve meaningful use and qualify for the CMS EHR incentives
  • Scan/import and manage paper documents electronically
  • Record and track patient demographics, history and health status
  • Generate longitudinal patient reports of lab and med history and practice-wide informatics reports (by syndrome, diagnosis and more)
  • Order lab tests and receive results electronically
  • Create radiology orders and receive results electronically
  • ePrescribe
    • Reduce risk of adverse events with instant access to contraindications, interactions and patient medication history
    • Eliminate risk of transcription errors from handwritten prescription
  • Send clinical information to a patient’s personal health record (PHR)
  • Securely share a patient’s health information across the medical community
  • Access information via any Internet-enabled PC, most smartphones, the iPhone® and the iPad®

Care360 Capabilities


  • Electronic lab management
  • ePrescribing
    • Meets CMS Incentive Program requirements [1]
  • Clinical messaging
  • Clinical documentation tools
  • Document management
  • Multi-system interoperability
  • A nationwide network of more than 300,000 physicians in 90,000 offices

Care360 EHR and the MyQuest® Patient Portal


  • The MyQuest® Patient Portal enables providers and patients to stay connected using a secure, HIPAA compliant website
  • Care360 EHR with the MyQuest® patient portal provides all the functionality required to meet the patient engagement objectives under the CMS EHR Incentive Program
  • Patients can track their overall health, lab results and medication adherence using the Personal Health Record features
  • MyQuest® offers patients a companion mobile app for IPhones® or Androids which allows them to set medication reminders, store “In Case of Emergency” information and much more


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