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Article review by Devine, Emily Beth, Hansen, Ryan N., Wilson-Norton, Jennifer L., Lawless, N. M., Fisk, ALbert W., Blough, David K., Martin, Diane P., and Sullivan Sean D. The artice is named "The Impact of Computerized Provider Order Entry on Medication Error in a mulitispecialty group practice." [1]


Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is a system physicians use for the treatment of their patients. Errors when medication is involved, has been a major problems. (CPOE) was created to eliminate as many medication errors as possible.


A pre-test and post-test study was done to evaluate for medication errors, rates, types. and severity of errors. The pre-test were handwritten by physcians and the post-test was done using the (CPOE) method. The handwritten prescriptions and orders were prone to have more errors due to not being legible, spelling errors, and the use of incorrect abbreviations. Data was collected from multiple sources using both methods to see what the outcome of errors would be.


After all of the tests were done, it was concluded that the computerized system had far less errors than the handwritten method. The reduction of errors improved patient care.


The use of a computerized system helped reduce medication errors tremendously. More and more companies are using a (CPOE).

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