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Medication-Based Safety Rules


Overhage et al,.A Randomized Trial of ‘‘Corollary Orders’’ to Prevent Errors of Omission. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 1997;4:364–375.

Example Trigger and Corollary Orders
Trigger OrdersResponse Orders
Heparin infusion (1) Platelet count once before heparin started, then once in 24 hours

(2) APTT at start, again after 6 hours of a dosage change

(3) Protime once before heparin started

(4) Hemoglobin at start of therapy, then QAM

(5) Test stools for occult blood while on heparin

Amphotericin B (1) Creatinine twice per week (q Monday and Thursday)

(2) Magnesium level (twice per week while on therapy)

(3) Electrolytes (twice per week while on therapy)

(4) Acetaminophen (650 mg po 30 min before each amphotericin dose)