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OpenEMR "is a free and open source electronic health records and medical practice management application” [1]. OpenEMR is certified as an Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Complete Ambulatory EHR (Electronic Health Record) by the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) Labs [1-3].


In 2001, the OpenEMR application was launched by Synitech [2]. In 2003, maintenance of OpenEMR was assumed by the Pennington Firm [2]. More recently, OpenEMR has been administered by Rod Roark and Brady Miller [2]. The OpenEMR website states “OpenEMR is supported by a strong community of volunteers and professionals all with the common goal of making OpenEMR a superior alternative to its proprietary counterparts” [1].

The OpenEMR application was initially released under the name MP Pro (MedicalPractice Professional) [2]. The application was subsequently updated to accommodate Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and re-released in 2002 as OpenEMR [2]. Since 2002, numerous updates have improved standards compliance, internationalization and interoperability [2]. Version 4.1.2 was released August 17, 2013 [2].


As open source software, OpenEMR is free for download, use and modification under the GNU General Public License [4]. Free support is also available [4].

Clinical Applications

  • Integrated Patient Demographics and Insurance Documentation
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Prescription Tracking and Ordering
  • Coding, Billing and Claims Management
  • Report Generation
  • Patient Portal [1].

OpenEMR currently supports more than 15 languages/dialects and includes access control and encryption capabilities [2,4].

The OpenEMR application is built on the programming language PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and runs on Microsoft (Windows), Mac, and Unix operating systems [1,2,4].


The OpenEMR application has been downloaded more than 200,000 times in more than a dozen countries [2,5].


OEMR is a non-profit charitable foundation created to provide revenues in support of the OpenEMR project and community [2,6].

Software Download

The OpenEMR application can be downloaded from OpenEMR, OEMR, and SourceForge.

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