Simulated electronic health record (Sim-EHR) curriculum: teaching EHR skills and use of the EHR for disease management and prevention

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First Review

Simulated Electronic Health Record (Sim-EHR) Curriculum: Teaching EHR Skills and Use of the EHR for Disease Management and Prevention

Second Review


The introduction of the Electronic Health Records is now an important skill that needs to be taught to every student. In this study the purpose was to create a simulated Electronic Health Record (Sim-EHR) curriculum for medical students during training. Evidence based medicine is integrated into the system to aid the students in caring and experiencing the real life use of EHR in a simulated setting treating virtual patients with complex health care needs.


Oregon Health and Science University implemented the Sim-EHR system for their medical students in 2011.[1]

  • The development of the curriculum was created with general and specific objectives.
  • Assessment measures were created.
  • Simulated charts and virtual patients were created
  • Implementation in the Family medicine clerkship


An assessment for students were measure during the implementation of the system. 406 students completed the simulated charts during the study. They measured each students ability to demonstrate skills in chart maintenance, knowledge of evidence based medical guidelines of chronic diseases and their management, and their ability to submit adequate orders/labs/imaging.


The Sim-EHR remains in use until the completing of this study. The curriculum was also implemented over four hours of the OHSU internal medicine clinic orientations in July 2012 and July 2013; as of January 2014, 21 interns had completed simulated charts. [1] Feedback of faculty and students proved successful. "The Sim-EHR curriculum can be adapted to teach many aspects of medical care and for use with learners at many different levels."[1]


It is important to incorporate the use of EHR and the use of meaningful data during their training years for compliance of medicare and medicaid purposes. The integration of Evidence based medicine in the EHR is also essential to practice good clinical guidelines.


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