The Symbiosis of Project Management And Change Management During Healthcare Integrated Planning

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First Review

The following is an article review by Gordon et al., The Symbiosis of Project Management And Change Management During Healthcare Integrated Planning.”.[1]


The article was based on a study conducted in Ontario to determine best methods for cohesive healthcare planning. The change management area was highly emphasized. The study revealed that change management should be included in the initial stages of project planning as well as during the integration stages of healthcare project development.


A study was conducted which included interviews with ‘10 healthcare project managers’ within all regions within Canada (provincial, regional, local). The following research questions were used for the study:

  • What are project management success factors and best practices during healthcare integrated changes?
  • How might project teams consider using approaches from organizational change theory in project management?
  • To what extent have project management teams integrated change management with project management techniques?

In addition, articles focusing on ‘project and change management processes’ were reviewed (approximately 33).


The results were captured according to the three research questions noted and classified into themes:

  • Question 1: Theme: Project success is enabled through competency.
  • Question 2: Theme: Clear articulation of project benefits.
  • Question 3: Theme: Change management is integrated in early in the project life cycle.

Conclusion / Summary of Key Points

A summary of key points were concluded in the article:

  • Project managers decided that processes are divided between project and change management;
  • Challenges exist in engaging change management within projects;
  • Project documentation was not based on change management theories;
  • Study highlighted the need for risk management planning;
  • Project benefits need to be communicated to both internal and external stakeholders;
  • Change projects can be steered towards uncertainty.


The article focused on reviews from experienced project managers in the health industry. The author identified gaps and suggestions for best practices that are consistent with healthcare projects in the US. As many changes in health systems are implemented, the importance on understanding and utilizing change management best practices will be a key to successful rollouts.

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Second Review

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  1. Gordon, A. J., & Hornstein, H. (2014). The Symbiosis of Project Management And Change Management During Healthcare Integrated Planning.>