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MAJ Healy (Ret) left active service after 22 yrs, 12 of them as a PA-C. He has experience in battlefield trauma, sports medicine, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and the management and transfusion of blood products in remote/austere/combat environments. He has a Diploma in Mountain Medicine from Wilderness Medicine Society. He servered as research coordinator for 5yrs for a US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) TBI research program. Partnered with IBM and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for both TBI research and assessment of human performance. His clinical information system experience includes in AHLTA, MC4, AVHE, JLV, VistA, Genesis, MEDPROs, and MedCOP. Additional experience and planning in the DHA and Army medicines organizational structures, medical capabilities and medical area support planning. He was responsible for initial medical planing in Poland and the Baltic states for NATO operations in 2014 after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As well as the initial medical planing and deployment of medical assets for operations in Syria in 2015.