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AthenaHealth is a leading provider of cloud-based business and clinical services for physician practices. The company's service offerings are based on proprietary web-native practice management, electronic health record (EHR) software, a continuously updated payer knowledge-base and integrated back-office service operations.


The company was founded in 1997 in San Diego, California by Jonathan Bush (nephew of George. W. Bush) and Todd Park. In the early stages, Athenahealth began as women's health and birthing practice in San Diego, California, called Athena Healthcare. The startup ran into resistance from obtaining reimbursement by insurance companies. Due to their difficulties, they looked for solutions of practice management to streamline their practice, cut overhead and interact with third party insurance companies. After unsuccessfully finding a solution, they created Athenahealth as a solution to these issues other medical practices had. Ed Park,Todd's brother was hired as a software developer and they developed an EMR with a rules engine for billing purposes.[1]. The headquarters are currently located in Watertown, Massachusetts, with operational sites in Belfast, Maine; Rome, Georgia; Alpharetta, Georgia; and Chennai, India.[1][2]

  • In 2000, AthenaHealth introduced athenaCollector, their physician billing and practice management service.
  • In 2006, AthenaClinicals launched, touted as the "first economically sustainable, service-based" electronic medical records (EMR) system.
  • In August 2008, AthenaHealth announced the acquisition of


On September 9, 2015, athenahealth announced a shift in the team of executives at the company. Tim O' Brien, currently overseeing partnership efforts between Epocrates and athenahealth, will become the Chief Marketing Officer of athenahealth starting in January of 2016; his current responsibility remained intact. Current Chief Marketing Officer Rob Cosinuke will assume a role that is a part of the athenahealth Leadership Institute; this will also be effective January 2016. Dan Haley took up the role of General Counsel, assuming the role as soon as the announcement was made; he replaces Daniel Orenstein, who advised Haley until the end of the year. Lastly, Kyle Armbrester became the Chief Product Officer at the making of the announcement. As part of the announcement, athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush said that he is “excited about this realignment of responsibilities; it best positions athenahealth to successfully pursue opportunities ahead as we build the health care internet.” [2]

Services offered

  • athenaClinicals - athenahealth's EMR
  • athenaCommunicator - athenahealth's patient communicator service
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home Accelerator Program [3]
  • More Disruption Please - is an athenahealth initiative that drives disruption through three pillars:
    • MDP Accelerator
    • athenahealth Marketplace
    • MDP Network [4]


athenaClinicals, athenaHealth's EHR, is a low-up-front-investment, high-return, web-based EHR designed to address the limitations of traditional EHRs [3]:

  • Optimize revenue potential across the patient encounter with an innovative five-stage patient workflow.
  • Offload paperwork and improve care through closed-loop order management.
  • Achieve compliance with “Meaningful Use” requirements and get guaranteed Federal HITECH Act incentives.
  • Stay on top of and enrolled in HITECH Act, Pay for Performance, and other incentive programs.
  • Enjoy flexible charting options – including voice recognition software – that ease your EHR adoption without slowing you down.
  • The annual PayerView reports cull billing statistics from AthenaHealth's rules engine to deliver performance analysis and insurance company rankings based on payment times, denial rates, transparency, and other metrics


athenaCommunicator is the athena solution for patient engagement allowing providers to better communicate with patients which in turn enhances care by improving patient compliance with their care plan, and reduces no-shows. Patient engagement services offered through athenaCommunicator include:

  • Automated messaging platform: allows provider to send automated reminders for appointments, followups, or preventative care via email, text, or phone message.
  • Live Operator Service
  • Online patient access via patient portal: self-scheduling, make payments, view test and lab results, exchange secure messages with care team, request prescription refills, and access patient education materials.

Rules Engine

Clients submit thousands of claims through the web-based software every day. Billing experts monitor these submissions and look for claim denial trends. As soon as they spot one, they fix the incorrect payer code that is causing the trend and add a rule to our database. From this moment forward, no AthenaHealth client confronts the problem again. Scaling this process up by tens of thousands of rules delivers a system that is far more likely to get a claim paid the first time around – and it gets smarter every day.

Regulatory Compliance

In addition to preventing claim denials, the rules database also keeps up-to-date on clinical guidelines, protocols and pay-for performance program requirements. It automatically provides drug interaction and allergy alerts right at the point of care. And it will be easier to track captured the data required for HITECH Act and P4P incentives as they are implemented.

Since the introduction of the Meaningful Use program in 2011, athenahealth has been leading the industry in attestation rates, helping providers meet each stage’s measures as easily as possible. The 2014 Edition-certified8 software provides the comprehensive services to achieve Meaningful Use and in fact 98.2% of participating providers successfully attested to Stage 2 in 2014. . It is ranked #1 in EMR usability by KLAS.

All the information in the rules database is updated daily and becomes a part of the workflow [4]

Notable Events of 2013

Notable Events: AthenaHealth has seen sales increase over 200% since early 2009. Second-quarter revenue totaled $146.3 million, compared to $103.5 million in the same period last year, an increase of 41%. ATHN also reports cash and cash equivalents of $33.6 million. And shares have jumped 46.1% year-to-date.[5]

Athenahealth, Inc. (ATHN) is a publicly traded American company that provides multiple solutions for physicians and hospital systems. Services include the following: medical billing, practice management, and an integrated electronic medical record (EMR) service. The company was founded in 1997 in San Diego, California, and today is headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, with operational sites in Belfast, Maine; San Francisco, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Princeton, New Jersey; and Chennai, India. [1]


2000 As a natural evolution of their EMR Athenahealth,they introduced AthenaCollector which was physician billing and practice management service.

2006 AthenaClinicals was launched and was touted as the "first economically sustainable, service-based" electronic medical records (EMR) system.

2008 They announced the acquisition of and integrated it into their physician solution systems.

2010 Athenahealth announces the launch of athenaCommunicator, "a new patient communication service that is fully integrated with athenahealth's established web-based physician practice management and electronic health record services."[5]

2013 Athenahealth acquires Epocrates, a leader in mobile pharmacy applications. The Epocrates app, which as of August was used by 338,000 U.S. physicians to call up summaries on drugs, including side effects and interactions. Athenahealth estimates about 90 percent of doctors had heard of Epocrates, three times the recognition of Athenahealth itself. [6]

2014 Athenahealth acquires RazorInsights to enter the smaller community hospital EHR market. [7]

2015 Athenahealth reported first-quarter revenue of $206.4 million, a 27% jump over the $163.0 million from the same quarter in 2014 and reaffirmed its previous full-year 2015 guidance. The company continues to estimate that revenue for the year will be a range of $905 million to $925 million. [8]


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AthenaCollector Physician billing and practice management service combining software, proprietary claims knowledge, and business services.

AthenaClinicals Integrated electronic medical records (EMR) service, combining software with clinical and payer intelligence.

AthenaCommunicator Automated calling and emailing platform and customizable patient portal system.

AthenaCoordinator Cloud-based care coordination service for order transmission, insurance pre-certification and patient registration among physicians and hospitals, surgical centers and imaging centers.


AthenaClinicals Versions 0.27 and 10.6 were also certified in the CCHIT Certified 2006 and 2008 programs respectively. The CCHIT Certified program is a separate, independently developed certification that includes a rigorous inspection of an EHR's integrated functionality, interoperability, and security using criteria developed by the CCHIT's broadly representative, expert work groups. Since athenahealth's services reside on one application, all athenaClinicals EHR’s are Stage 1 certified EHR technology with no upgrades necessary. [1]


In 2011, AthenaClinicals were named the best electronic health record (EHR) systems for practices with one to 75 physicians, based on interviews by KLAS, a Utah-based research company.x. AthenaClinicals was named the top-ranking EHR system for practices with 11 to 75 physicians. Adam Gale, KLAS president, states the rankings spotlight vendors that best keep their promises in their market segments for offering a combination of superior products, strong service, and high customer value.[2]

As of 2015, Athenahealth has been the recipient of the following awards: [3]

  • Technology 500: 2012-2014, Deloitte
  • Most Innovative Growth Companies: 2014, Forbes
  • Health Informatics 100: 2014
  • Fast Tech 25: 2103, Forbes
  • The World’s Most Innovative Companies: 2013, Fast Company.


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