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CureMD is a preeminent provider of cloud based EHR,practice management, and revenue cycle management services to revamp the administrative and clinical operation of the healthcare organizations. It is certified by CCHIT in supporting physician and medical practices during 2011.


CureMD was founded by Bill Hashmat along with his colleagues in 1997. Its headquarters is based in New York but has growing operations in other countries including the United States, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. [1] CureMD Corporation was selected by Cuidamed, the leading HMO in Venezuela, for improving the health delivery operations in the region. This made CureMD to be one of the first US based Practice Resource Systems selected for implementation by a leading HMO in South America. They also have support and R&D centers in South Asia.


CCS Oncology, a cancer care conglomerate based in Buffalo, picked CureMD to be the EHR of choice for the company to use in its facilities. The company said it selected this particular EHR “due to its advanced chemotherapy management modules, evidence-based chemotherapy regimen libraries, automated drug dosage calculations, drug utilization forecasting, therapy flow sheets, DICOM/PACS imaging, patient engagement and population health management.” [2] Due to the new deal, CCS could use “Interfaces to Lynx Medication Management, Varian Aria for Radiation Oncology and University of Buffalo Patient Safety Organization.” [2]

In August, CureMD rolled out a free training tool for physicians to help with the transition to ICD-10. [3]


CureMD’s goal is to offer “Adaptable, accessible and affordable technology for every provider." [4] CureMD is also noted to have more than 500 care delivery networks already in place. Some of their clients include: The Mass Mutual Insurance Company, Atlantis Health Plan, European Medical Center (Ukraine) and Cuidamed (South America). [4] CureMD provides an all-in-one solution which is cloud based platform that integrates EHR with practice management ,patient portal, and iPadapp for the health care providers.It contains[5]:

  • Certified EHR
  • Practice Management
  • Speciality EHR
  • Patient Portal
  • Medical Billing Services
  • Population Health Managment
  • Avalon-EHR for iPad/Iphone
  • Public Health
  • Federal Qualified Health Centers

The EMR is browser based and meets meaningful use criteria. Besides back office management, revenue cycle management, and front desk management solutions are also provided by the company. The company also provides healthcare BPO, cure consulting, data migration and integration services.

Technical Specifications

The software is built on Microsoft DNA platform, and operates as a client server, internet-based as well as on mobile-based application.


CureMD 10g

CureMD’s 10g is the next version of cureMD EHR which consists of new user interface,enhanced workflows, and improved functionality.It is also compliant in accordance with ONC guidelines.It was launched in May,2014[6].



CureMD has selected "DrFirst" system to provide controlled substance e-prescribing (EPCS) capability to CureMD users. The version that will be added and selected is "DrFirst’s EPCS GoldSM 2.0" controlled substance e-prescribing functionality. CureMD is dedicated to efforts to help providers nationwide curtail the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the United States.[7] DrFirst system provides security and reliability in medication management, medication adherence, and secure communication and collaboration.[7] With this new system integration CureMD will enable providers to send controlled substance scripts electronically easier.

Intelligent claim scrubber

CureMd has released a system tool “Intelligent claim scrubber” which helps medical proffesionals to analyze more complete and accurate information of claims before final submission for reimbursement.Claim scrubbing is the process carried out to check,edit, and correct any mistakes in the claims before it is submitted for reimbursement.CureMD’s intelligent claim scrubber basically uses predesigned algorythm to cross check and analyze data points on the documents such as name,valid date of birth,insurance information,ICD and CPT codes,date of service etc.Claim scrubber identifies any disparities and illogical combination using CMS(Center for medicaid and medicare services), and insurance rules.Cure MD’s inteligent claim scrubber currently support more than 2500 insurance policy format[8].

Cardio risk assesment technology

CureMD launched non invasive cardio risk assesment technology for its client.This application is integrated with EHR.This technology will help healthcare providers to measure pulse wave velocity,vascular elasticity, and stiffness using non invasive finger probe in less than 5 mintues.It will benefit patients suffering from cardiovascular disease,diabetes,genetic arterial disease for its rapid assessmnet of arterial system and its condition[9].

Avalon HR for iPad

On March 2015 CureMd, announced an important upgrade to its Avalon EHR application for iPad adding new features as well as optimizing user experience. Avalon 3.0 offers the features of CureMD 10g and allows users to prescribe, add lab orders, diagnosis, vitals, histories, physicals exams and complaints. This upgraded version features a comprehensive CPOE system with the capacity to review, acknowledge, sign and assign lab results. Avalon 3.0 also allows providers to sign eSuperbills that become immediately available for billers in order to create charges[10].


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