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The Electronic connected Medical Record (EcMR) is an electronic medical record (EMR) in Cologne, Germany.


The Electronic connected Medical Record (EcMR) was founded in 1984 by ifa System AG. [1]

In 1986/87 a new ifa entity was founded for the development and distribution of software specialized in ophthalmology. In 1996 the new version of the international ifa software has been released combining EMR applications with software for equality management and practice resource planning in ophthalmology. ifa EcMR uses a data model specially designed for eye care. The structure of the data model makes data mining and data exchange easier. The structure also enables the implementation of better clinical decision support applications.

Every day more than 7,000 ophthalmic surgeons, ophthalmologists, technicians, nurse and eye care management and administrators in 12 coutries use ifa software components. And the ifa EMR software can also be offered for the subspecialties: retina specialists, cataract and refractive surgeons, glaucoma specialists, and general ophthalmology.

From the ifa's point of view, the key designs in the software are connectivity and interface. The ifa also emphasizes the standards related with EHR, so the EcMR is compatible with HL7, DICOM and IHE evaluation frameworks. [2]


Some features from the ifa systems electronic medical record are:

Integration with diagnostic instruments

EcMR allows over 400 different interfaces to diagnostic instruments from a large variety of different companies. Therefore no transcriptions paper records are required.

Surgery paperwork and forms

Automated digital forms make clinical documentation easier. Data from the patients medical record can be integrated with the surgical record.


Simple and complex drawings can be generated using complementary software to track and document findings.


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