Integrating clinical research with the Healthcare Enterprise: from the RE-USE project to the EHR4CR platform

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There are many different methods to interface or integrate information across different applications. One such method is explored through the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise initiative. [1]


The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) [1] initiative was started by healthcare professionals in an attempt to encourage the use of established standards to optimize patient care.


To implement an alternative solution of the RFD–CRD integration profile centered around two approaches:

  • Use of the EHR as the single-source data-entry and persistence point in order to ensure that all the clinical data for a given patient could be found in a single source irrespective of the data collection context
  • Maximize the automatic pre-population process through the use of a semantic interoperability services that identify duplicate or semantically-equivalent eCRF/EHR data elements as they were collected in the EHR context. [1]


The RE-USE architecture and profiles was created with a set of definitions which establish a standard, which maps data collection fields. [1]


Seven clinical trials were conducted in the EHR used by George Pompidou hospital where data elements within the EHR were pre-populated when entered through corresponding fields found within EHR templates. [1]


An EHR capable of being a single point of data entry can reduce efforts to enter data multiple times, thereby reducing the risk of errors being committed; and also increases the availability of the information so as to facilitate treatment planning. [1]


This study demonstrates the importance of interfacing data elements across applications as it increases efficiency, accessibility, and the uniformity of data. Data only has to be entered once and it becomes available everywhere it is shown exactly the same in every location that data needs to be, creating a single source of truth.


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